“Noir” et argent.


Today I bring pretty new things to this page. First is this set from Jewelry by Jake, one of the most amazing jewels creator in SL. I have loved his creations since I met him by chance several years ago, when he was sure I had been a model in a show where his items appeared. Now it is a long time I don’t walk along a catwalk and he is still so great or even more. I highly recommend visit his shop. If you haven’t already done, what are you waiting ??? You can find a taxi at the bottom.


Second is the new collection with which Aleida Rhode has started the year. The gown I am wearing belongs to “The Noir Collection” that includes several long and short dresses, all in a perfect black. Although you can find them in other colors too. Aleida reopened several months ago after some time with her shop closed, we have to be really happy of having her here again, which her classy, tasty and great style.


Finally the skin. it was a gift that we could find at Adam n Eve, one of the oldest brands in SL. I really have found her skins are better each time, so, although this one is no longer available, you can see how better should be the ones that you still can find in the shop.

Dress:I ALEIDA I Perry frilled temptation – black
Jewelry: The Angel Plt Diamond -by Jake*
Skin: Adam n Eve – E – Tribute Gift Skin
Hair: WILDOhairOOpinkbrown . This shops is on a closing sale that ends on 29th.

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