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Designer Circle Round #77


Estoy amueblando una nueva casa en Second Life, y como con todas las casa nuevas te apetece que queden bien bonitas. Asi que, puedas o no permitirtelo, le echas un vistazo a las tiendas de muebles, de plantas, de decoración, que se yo… a ver si por si acaso encuentras algo bueno, bonito, barato. Estuve buscando y vagando “in world” y en el market y en uno de los dos sitios acabé dándome de bruces con esta “oficina”. Y claro está, entenderéis que no pudiera resistirme a comprarla. Es la delicia del blogger, y no dudéis ni por un momento que es mi rincón de trabajo en esta nueva casa….

… qué ves ? (Designer Circle Round #76)

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Pues para mi, la verdad es que muchas veces, esto es lo que veo en SecondLife. Lo que refleja esta primera foto. Esa sensación de espera y soledad y silencio. Y tambien todo lo que hay detrás, construir, amueblar, mover, cambiar. Construyes porque te gusta, porque te apetece, montas habitaciones y escenarios, te vistes, haces fotografías, minimizas, abres el editor, el blog y estás sola….y por un segundo tal vez parece que…. pero luego, sigues sola.

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Novia “Glam Dreams”.

Originally posted on Imagina . . .:


No, no, no es que me haya SL vestido de blanco. Bueno, sí, pero solo para poder enseñaros el nuevo vestido de novia que presenta Glam Dreams. El vestido es en parte mesh y en parte flexy. El cuerpo es un mesh para que se ajuste como un guante, y está disponible en varias tallas. La falda es flexy, dándole al vestido el movimiento que solo dan estos prims. Por lo demás, sin duda el ramo tiene que ser de rosas blancas, como los apliques que lleva el vestido.

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Magika Blacklace.


Wearing this underwear from Blacklace i only could do this, put one of their cardigan and a blindfold on, and lay comfortably waiting him to appear… Seriously, i found this hair from Magika including the blindfold and i felt in love with it. Coudln’t help trying a shot in this seductive way, it is seems done for that, moreover if it is joined with Blacklace undies.


~Blacklace~ Kindle: Pink 3 Piece Set. Appliers for Slink, Lolas Tango & Phatazz included.
~Blacklace~ Sorority Girl Cardigan: Blue Knit Cardigan Addon
Gold Filigree Heart Locket – Jewelry Magic
Magika [01] Stumble
.::WoW Skins::. Saida Tan

Steam Punk y algo de Glam

Aloma Sands:

I am sorry, but it is the easier way to blog about these items. And i don’t have got time now to translate. Credits work doesn’t matter the language.

Originally posted on Imagina . . .:


El mes pasado, una semana antes de San Valentín estuve hablando con Tiffy Vella de Eclectica. Pensaba que estaría muy liada diseñando algo para ese día, pero me dijo que lo había olvidado completamente seducida por el Steam Punk (Tendencia sociocultural inspirada en la época victoriana y donde la tecnología a vapor sigue siendo la predominante, con toques de ciencia ficción y fantasía. Un ejemplo, aunque no el mejor, la película “Wild Wide West”, otro, la colección de libros “Soulless”).

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Be My Valentine….



~Blacklace~ Little Miss Cupid: Pink Hearts 5
Eclectica Relic Pendant-silver
(r)M Hair No.16’14 ~ Ash Brown. ( я e d ) M i n t
.::WoW Skins::. Cecilia Tan. (At this .:: Designer Circle ::. round)

Gareth Pugh Inspired…

VERSUS Casting Spring - Aloma Sands

K.V.Casting - Aloma Sands


K.V.Casting - Aloma Sands (headshot)

ISON – leather asymmetrical jacket (black)
:V.e. Jennifer Pencil Skirt Black. Valentina E. Main Location
ISON – razzle pleated pants (black)
PP – Ditta Mesh Bag – .::Pure Poison::.

.b -mint – dark browns. Analog Dog Hair
IKON VIP Group Gift – January 2014 IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord
*MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1. *Mon Cheri*
~Blacklace Beauty~ Birthday Visage – GROUP GIFT
.::WoW Skins::. Amanda Milk CL
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Relaxed

…almost empty room


I was not sure about how to take pictures of this nice lingerie set from Indyra, and finaly i decided to put it into a “picture” thanks to this prop from Willian Weaver which you can find in the marketplace.



{Indyra} La Fillette Collection: Noir
IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord (ML)
Slink AvEnhance Hands and Feet
Nailed It – French Manicure – Pastels Set
<>(r)M Hair No.12’13 ~ Brown Amber
.::WoW Skins::. Aileen GG GEN. 2014. Month Group Gift.
Hopper Build 001 – Sun in an Empty Room (marketplace)

Let Her Go…


… is the name of this outif from Liv Glam. And i found it could be the title of a song, the start of a poem or the end of a tale. These days. i couldn’t help writing it down as a title for this post. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes is better if you are let to go…




[LG] K Collection Let Her Go Outfit 3. LivGlam, LIV Glam (57, 92, 1001)
Candy Kisses Earrings and Necklace. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25)
:)(: Raphael Shoes Mesh – Fat Pack – COMING SOON. [ :)(: PIXELFASHION MainShop ] SEXY Fashion, Shoes and Jewelry
*Dura-Girl*50(Dark Brown) Dura Main Shop, Dura Dura (64, 127, 1001)
IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord (ML). IKON, Hot (250, 82, 38)
Nailed It – French Manicure – Pastels Set. Nailed It at BAIASTICE
.::WoW Skins::. Audrey Tan Fatpack. .::WoW Skins::. Skins & Shapes
Poses: BehaviorBody Animations, Mainstore (126, 121, 21)

Designer Circle 70th Round #2


- 1 Hundred. Cropped Hoodie. Light Pink. .:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE
- Loordes of London-Heraclidae Trousers-White. .:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE


- ::VIVID:: – Vivacity Dress – .:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE
- Baubles! by Phe Exotica for .:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE

Other Credits:
Designer Circle Official Blog
.:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE
Zapatos: ”{ RoA }” -Etoile (White) Me encantan. Se han convertido en una opción siempre acertada.
Gafas: Eclectica 50′s glasses_Rhinestones
Peinado: *Dura-Girl*50(Dark Brown)resize
Skin: -Belleza- Nina Sk Xmas Gift R
ojos: IKON VIP Group Gift – January 2014
Uñas: Nailed It – French Manicure – Pastels Set
Poses: Icons Of Style Clara Poses. .:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE

Designer Circle 70th Round.



Happy New Year !!!

*De Designer Circle 70th
Designer Circle Official Blog
.:: Designer Circle ::. – THE DISCOUNT STORE
Pendientes y collar: Baubles! by Phe Exotica for 70th DC Box
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. Rayne Tan CL

[LeLutka]-CHILL hair (gift)
Nailed It – Clubbing Nights Set

My Poe’s Post #4





*From POE:
[LG] K Collection Busy (for me) Coat DressSP – POE6 #116
Lindy Meshell POE. – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes – POE6 #006
Xen’s Hats Alva Headband (Mesh)- Xen’s Hats – POE6 #166
Poses: *PosESioN* POE6 #131
Poses: Wicca’s Wardrobe – POE6 #044

Clawtooth: Temptation prize 5 (The Arcade)
IKON Spectral Eyes – Hazel. IKON Spectral Eyes @ FaMESHed
.::WoW Skins::. Melita Milk nat CL

Something New…. from PixelFashion


It is along time i met Amandine, and i am proud of having her name in my friends’ list as one of the most amazing designers into SL. It doesn’t matter at all when her items appeared into SL, they look still new. Sometimes i wear one of her first pair of shoes and people stil ask me where are they from. But it was a long time she didn’t bring a new item into SL, that’s why i felt as receiving my first Christmas gift when she told me there was something new from PixelFashion. I do happily announce the lastest PixelFashion products are available in marketplace and shop and NOW 50%, until today. (sorry cause i am so slow writting new posts).


A little bit of everything


These days in SL ara a crazyness. And much more if you have to mix all the things that are required in SL with this special holidays period in RL, which arrives so soon. Hunts, gifts, events, the most wonderful period in SL for me starts with Thanksgiving and ends when 3 Wise Men have given their presents.  Almost two months of lots, and lots, and lots of packages to open gifts to do or receive, places to discover, evens to attend…. And, as a friend told me yesterday, everyone is good now. He said he had listen 3 people saying the same that day, “I am good girl”. I am not sure if it was for Xmas or cause the places he likes to visit. You know. Anyway, this post is made with a misture of things, a little bit of everything, and all of them are good.

My POE6′s Post #3


I am sorry, but i am lazy for more than writing credits. I hope you all hunters are enjoying with POE as i do.

My POE6′s Post #2

This time it is not just about women clothes, it is also for men, including the gift that innuendo has set for men. You can go to Innuendo and loko for the Globe, and you will have this tuxedo to make you look at handsome as my friend looks like. And of course, this nice dress to fit with it.

Ready for Christmas Eve…


I have this dress since several years ago, just when it was launched. I think it the perfect dress to this seasons parties, (with a warm overall). It is a mesh dress that fits as a glove… And you can be sure there is not a single tirck of edition to improve its brightness. Its texture is just as simply wonderful as you can see.



Vestido:*PIDRIA BONETTO FACTORY* - GRETA. vestido, guantes y collar.
Peinado: /Wasabi Pills/ Kelly Mesh Hair – Reds Pack
Manicura: Nailed-it
Skin: WoW
Poses: + Avicci + Dalila (marketplace)

My POE6′s Posts. #1.


Next edition of Peace on Earth starts on Sunday, and this will be the 6th edition !!! Without any doubt we can take our Christmas’ trees, lighting, and decorations out, all that new, old or “transfer” stuff to fill our homes and shops,because POE is here and with it, Christmast arrives to Second Life. To start, #66 Mohna Lisa.




POE6 #066 – Mohna Lisa Couture.

*KEY OF MY HEART* by Ciccia Bergamasco Bracelet and hair flower. *INNUENDO* Italian Style Main Store
“”D!va”” Hair “Asami” (Type A)(Brown diamond)
.::WoW Skins::. Gabriela Milk CL
Nailed It – Diamond Set.






[VM] VERO MODERO / Lorei Pant
[VM] VERO MODERO / Snug Coat
Indyra Originals-Coquette Noir-Kelsi: Noir
IKON Perspective Eyes – Oxidation (M)
Maitreya : LE.LOOK! la femme – Hair/ Hat – Coffee. Es una pieza de mi particular museo SL. Peinado de Maitreya para los regalos de Navidad en Le.Look…. allá por 2009 !!!
.::WoW Skins::. AmyLee Milk 01
[ ReveriE ] Poses — Elizabeth.
location:~Opium~ S/M Edo Fetish Theater – Adult

red Mint and candles…

I took this shot last week, and surely i was still surrounded by the mistery and darkness that brings to our souls 31st of Octobre, and !st of Novembre…

Without words





*CREAMY* INNUENDO Italian Style(Leggins and Minidress)
*FUME’* INNUENDO Italian Style Flat Over knee Boots Black
Pentacostal Set Blk (Necklace A, B and longNecklace). Chop Zuey.
*INNUENDO GOLD WATCH* by Ciccia Bergamasco (Woman)
(red)Mint ~ Silver Bangles
SLink Orchid Brooch
*Dura-Girl*50(Irish Coffee)resize
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Relaxed
.::WoW Skins::. Kate Milk DB
manicura: Nailed It - MvW Autumn Set
prop: + Avicci + Pin-Up Box

Sometimes I cry…


Yes, sometimes a woman cries and her mask goes down her face. And no, when i sat to write it had not been a bad day. It had a little bit of lots of things, but tears didn’t wet my eyes. Not for sorrow, and not for laugh either. But now, something is true in my SL, with these tattoo layers, Aloma can also cry, and it won’t be like if something strange would have stained face. Aloma can cry, and her mask will move down, and i will believe her tears… But before she stops crying, i hope you enjoy the pictures… with a smile :-)

Halloween is coming…


It seems October has become in the month of waiting Halloween… It is all around the grid, and decorates houses, clubs, shop windows and schools, even tables and menus. Second Life is full with pumpkins, skeletons, spiders, bats…. and huntings…

A place to visit: Ocho Tango.


I wanted to speak about this nice sim that looks like a big field of wheat ready for the harvest. But although the place is astonishing, and offers you a nice bycicle ride, places to sit looking at the sunset and even a little place where you can hide deep inside earth, the most i liked about Ocho Tango is exactly that, tango.


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