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Celebrating with Danielle

Today I have the  double pleasure of wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving as well as celebrating 5 years of activities of Style by Danielle.  I am honored to show  her celebration gown called Aurora.

This is a beautiful, dreamy gown, as you can see I present  2 stylings  in order to show you how you can wear it in different occasions.

First I chose to wear the gown with its jewels, fascinator and all the magical, particle emitting, attachments, I felt like a fairy touching the snowy sky…

The second styling shows Aurora in blue in its simplicity of alluring lines, its shining textures and the brilliant color hues that stand out anywhere.  I added some jewels and a more glamorous make up for a special occasion.

Have fun with it, below the photos you find all the information about this week at Styles by Danielle.








Chic and exotic with Zanze by GK

After a long absence due to illness, here I am back in my dear blog to accompany your winter time, but for my first post I wanted to feel the warmth of summer, so here you have the perfect dress for the upcoming festive season on the beach!

I want to start today with a great creation by a dear friend of mine Fuzz Lennie, she is a great model with a long experience in the field. Now she has turned her creative drive to enhance the already great lines by Zanze.

Her last creation is called Corazon, a dress with a heart, with its simple lines it hugs the body and makes it precious with its shining, precious textures. It reminds me of the oriental clothes, yet is easy to wear and certainly elegantly sexy.

Here I present it in just 3 colors, since it is offered in 6 different hues with its efficient hud that creates space in your virtual wardrobe.

The hair is by Diva, the shoes by Miamai, the bracelet by Gizza.


BLUSH SKINS new contest

A fantastic way to show your ability as stylist is now at hand with the new contest by BLUSH Skins:

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Blush Skins

BLUSH Skins is glad to announce its next contest starting on January 13th and ending on February 10th.
The theme is romance: show us your skills in creating the perfect romantic photo featuring any of the Blush skins and the outfit of your choice.

Only one photo is allowed per contestant, all the photos will be judged by a panel of jurors and also by the popular vote on Facebook and the Blush Skins website.

There will be two winners: one decided by the jurors and one by the popular vote, so start styling!

The prizes will be a photosession with the wonderful Asia Rae, participation in the BLUSH Skins events for next anniversary and in the 2015 BLUSH Skins Beauty Calendar.
There may be other prizes added along way for especially good photos.

The participants should send their pictures to Sessie16 Resident or upload into our “Blush Skins Valentine’s Day Picture Contest” group on Flickr ( . Only pictures sent by these ways will be accepted!

Only pictures sent until February 10th 2014 will be accepted, so keep the deadline!

We wish you all good luck!


Follow the animals and you will find….. two great outfits by Amarelo Manga and Zanze.

Amarelo Manga has created this elegant, yet fierce zebra outfit called Luaria for the designer circle, it includes the long Luaria boots in matching brown.  I added a leather belt by Legal Insanity to make it my own.

The car is not mine, it is parked at the Gypset Market on the Bestyle sims, where I spend quite a bit of time shopping and relaxing as well and take many of my photos!

The second outfit is called Sonata in the Cheetah texture, a great mini dress by Zanze that I show you in two colors, brown with the AM boots and blue with the ALB Keela stiletto metal.

Skin is by BLUSH Skins, hair by Ohmai and Magika, jewels by Amarelo Manga, Vintage Jewels  and Kunglers, nails by Nailed it.


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HALLOWEEN, the final scare!

After the preparation of the last two weeks today i want to give you some suggestions for Halloween costumes .

I hope that you will enjoy them, we will go from the exquisitely elegant Deathly Silence by GIZZA, to the otherwordly fairy being from Terra d’Ombra vintage dress,  to the scary witch by ALB Fashion.

First off we meet a good looking ghost in Deathly Silence by Gizza, the longer we spend with her the less human she becomes.

And she can turn into a beautiful fairy being dressed in gold with Isadora by Terra d’Ombra, she shines from head to toes, but will this be the end of our story?

In her place the Halloween witch by ALB Fashion advances, she is savage and scary with her beyond human powers…….

Have fun, get scared, above all remember that this is also the end of the solar year and the beginning of the dark time that will lead us back to the solstice and the birth of the new sun.

The skins are by BLUSH Skins and Diamond skins, the shoes by Gizza, Terra d’Ombra and ALB Fashion, the jewels were part of the outfits, those added are by Vintage Jewels, the Halloween parasol is a great gift from Boudoir,  as well as the hair, also hair and headdress by Tukinowaguma.

Enjoy my last Halloween post!

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AD leads us to a fantasy world

Creative designer ALIZA KARU of AD is bubbling with ideas in sl and rl, she is in fact  the engine behind rl cultural associations that promote art and literature.

Today I present this great dress, perfect for a costume ball, it is called Rose the Little Prince.

The gown is inspired by the delicate novel that leads us to a dreamy atmosphere, far away from our daily troubles, in order to discover a wider way of looking at life.

The dress is a beautiful rose, ready to dance with you, complete with leaves and thorns, topped by the blossom of a red rose.

I hope you will enjoy it!

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GIZZA Femme Fatale…..

Today I present to you the magnificent, sexy, elegant and impossible to miss Femme Fatale  by GIZZA.  It is audacious and sensual, with its long cloack and the overknee boots, the mesh minicorset, if you only wore it very little would be left to the imagination.

Women in this attire are sure to conquer whoever they set their hearts on…. have fun with Femme Fatale.  The face tattoo adds interest to an already perfect outfit.

Since this is still Halloween time, I have chosen to continue in this mood.

The incredible red and black outfits by Gizza are accompanied by the awesome hair by BOUDOIR   called Beautiful Death Coture, it is so detailed and well made, with its ornament and bloody tattoo that can be added according to your mood.

The jewels are from the Nephtys set by Vintage Jewels the are perfect accompaniment to both the dress and the hair.blood).

The skin is Bonnie the sexy vamp by BLUSH Skins, the nails by Nailed it Halloween 2013.


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ALB FASHION gifts and news

As you know I am in a Halloween  mood, so today I present a sunny dress by ALB Fashion and the new shoes, straight from Analee Balut’s drawing board, but the setting is still horrible………

The dress is delightful, so easy to wear, the ALB Farah mini dress comes with  a hud in a variaty of colors and textures, here I present the gift, yes you heard me right the October group gift, that Analee has boxed in two different colors, complete with jewels and  shoes as well.

The shoes are the ALB Keela stiletto metal heels, also sold with a great 21 color hud, there is also a different option for sale with different textures, so that you can have a fully customized shoe.

My skin these days  is always Bonnie the sexy vamp by BLUSH Skins, the hair is part of the gift box so it is by ALB Fashion as well, like all the accessories in the photos.


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The show was amazing, against all LL odds, we survived to tell the tale of another success on the runway, here are some of the amazing clothes offered to our audience, some of them eclusively created for this event, some designers for the first time on the runway.

Today I offer you a selection of KUNGLERS, XFX and SOLIDEA FOLIES, I hope you will enjoy the essential yet sophisticated lines of Kunglers Alexandra coat with its matching earrings, the elegant flowing gown by XFX, the astonishing, beyond modern and in a class of its own, of Miss Mimmi Boa The Queen by Solidea Folies.

Stay tuned for a special blog with all the links to the photos, videos and blogs of the three shows.

My heartfelt thanks go to all the designers, sponsors, models, staff, dj, host, cuer who have made this show possible, huge thanks to MEB  for allowing us the use of their air space!


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Another fabulous show is waiting to happen today, here are a few snippets of the designs to be shown on stage.


Enjoy today some designs from VERO MODERO and  MEB, the great and generous brand that hosts our audience ! Thank you MEB for your support and care!

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And the shows continue….

October 4th  time for  ALLEGRETTO  the new movement of the great AUTUMN SYMPHONY  organized by SOLOEVANE and BESTYLE MAGAZINE.


with sponsored items by BLUSH Skins,  VINTAGE JEWELS,  BELOD, NAILED IT.


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SoloEvane has already presented its first show of the amazing


Like in an symphony there are different movements to it, the first one is

OUVERTURE it happened on September 26th and it was a great success.

Here I show you the dresses assigned to me for the occasion:

The first one is the EDEN dress from EVOLVE by Reign Congrejo, a celebration of bountiful life in all season, with Night clutch in yellow and Oubliette set in green both by CHOP ZUEY.

The second dress is Waiting Metal from AD by Aliza Karu, a futuristic outfit that makes me feel ready for intergalactic discoveries,  this dress includes a matching head jewel, with Feu Follet clutch and Paparazzi II earrings both by CHOP ZUEY.

The third and final outfit is  Follow blue  by CHAMPAGNE a sequin miniskirt, a real elegant headturner, with its infinitely low cut back…… I added the Starla clutch in white by CHOP ZUEY.

The jewels and clutches are by CHOP ZUEY, poses by Wicca Merlin, nails by Nailed it, I added skins by BLUSH Skins, hair by Boon and Paper couture, some jewels from Donna Flora as well, shoes by Innuendo, Baiastice, boots by Elysium.

The last outfit i am showing you today is my creation for the DONNA FLORA tribute walk that we had at the end of the show, a fun outfit from the Tippy and Raffaella outfits mixed together.  All the accessories are from DONNA FLORA, the skin is from BLUSH Skins, the hair by Vanity hair.

Enjoy and remember that ALLEGRETTO, our second show, will be on October 4th at 4pm slt, while ANDANTE CON BRIO, our third show, will be on October 11th at 6pm slt, prepare yourself for more surprises.

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Dresses Galore 2!

Today I want to share with you the seemingly infinite variations of the Derin dress by Vero Modero, whether it is reminiscent of Pop Art, or tropically filled with Flowers, touched by Butterfly or Birds, these dresses will conquer you.

Vero Modero has created a great selection for late spring, a perfect way to prepare for summer time in a casual yet stylish way, all these dresses can be worn up or down adding or taking away the shoulder ornaments, the choice is yours, have fun with them.

Blush skin, hair by Magika and Vanity Hair, accessories by Belod, Amarelo Manga, OC, Ahn Ji, Purple Moon.


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Dresses Galore 1 !

This spring I have been sent so many amazing dresses that I haven’t had the time to blog them all, so now I want to give you an overview of some of my favourites from many different designers, with accessories I like placed in an urban setting.

I start from Legal Insanity, LI dresses are always well made and full of energy, so much so that they attract comments wherever I go.  Here I show you Goldie dress vintage spring rubine with its flowers and the Goldie dress plain lilac,  the Etzy dress in different shades with its geometric patterns inspiried by Mondrian paintings, the Shanti dress in black and blue jeans with a camelia pattern as delicate as the flower and as sexy as any woman would feel wearing it.

Skin is Bea by BLUSH Skins, hair by Magika, shoes by Baiastice and Ahn Ji, sunglasses by Legal Insanity, the great fun hat is by Solidea Folies.


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Amarelo Manga Summer

Amazingly chic, cool and refined these three outfits blew my mind, so I decided to wear them all for this photoshoot.

The red Roberta  dress is perfect for the hot days, it can be worn in a variety of situations, always keeping its  chic allure, here is portrayed with red sunglasses by Amarelo Manga, croco clutch  and the Antonella gold jewel set also by AM.

The Veruska turquoise pantsuit continues in this style where baroque meets animalier meets pure colors, the result  is lovely and so easy to wear.   Here I have accessorized it with  the turquoise croco clutch and Golf summer pumps by AM, sunglasses are Gael by Legal Insanity.

The last one is the intense yellow outfit called Juliana  with its vibrant color pants and printed blouse, accompanied by the big croco handbag by AM.

Skin is Bea suntan by BLUSH Skins, hair by Vanity Hair, shoes by AM and Baiastice, jewels by AM.

Enjoy this preview of summer to come!

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