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Less then 48 hours left to see which of our MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2014 Finalists is on his final walk to become the Gentleman of the Year!

When? >>> SUNDAY, JULY 13TH AT 10AM SLT <<<

We are also delighted to welcome an amazing vocalist, AM Quar, on stage to perform a fabulous show, including AM’s band and his live guitar music.

To guide us through the evening, we invited two wonderful people to host and DJ this finale, Wicca Merlin and Redclaw Inshan. Their fashion knowledge, humor and professionalism will make for an entertaining evening!

To give our Mister Finalists the best chance possible to shine on their final evening we decided to keep the Sim CLOSED to the public. However, please follow the pageant and the Misters from the Live Stream Link below. Enjoy the feed from the comfort of your own home to find out who will…

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~*Lady in the Water*~

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So elegant she is
How she moves with nature
So calm
Feel the breeze
Palm trees swaying
Baby birds chirping
But even more beautiful
The lady in the water
How the lights compliment her reflection
This dim morning sky
When time comes
This sun rises and sets
Being able to feel this energy
So tranquil but, full of surprises
I ask this lady
Could you see me for who I am now
Or will I always just be,
That guy…
Mistakes which follow me
No matter how I live
Its roots from good origins but,
Bark of many scars
Strong, firm, ready to bloom
The power of life
The Creation of hope, laughter, and anxiety
These which I live for
Listen to this breeze…
Lady in the water

Healing Water1-2048

Healing Water2-2048


~Outfit: F I N E S M I T H –  LOVE SUMMER (comes also with a breast-…

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Designer Circle Round #82


You have got today and tomorrow to visit. I am sorry i am so late this time, because this round really deserves a visit….
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MBMA Summer Evening Fashion Show

MBMA 2014 Summer Evening Show Invitation

The MBMA Summer Evening Fashion Show 2014 is sponsored by Ever Courtois and Angelique Wickentower of Ever An Angel, Tiffy Vella of Ecletica Jewellery & Accoutrements, and AnneAlyce Maertens of Dulce Secrets.

Please join us June 25th at 6pm slt at the Ever An’ Angel Garden Park http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ever%20Ever%20Land/94/119/2534

Featuring models:
AnneAlyce Maertens
Kalina Sands
Mara Fanbridge
Vera Fenutzini
Jessafire Felwitch
Maree Taurus
JJ26 Ragu
JangSungYoung Resident
Sequoia Nightfire

Summer Fashion Festival 2014


Today  I bring some items from this event that is happeing now in Second Life, from 20th June until 6th July. It is a refreshing place full of beach little houses joining a big assortement of Second Life creations… as the ones i am showing here today.



*Stars*Fashion* Aurora
Lily Sandal 142 Red (dentro de **HERA RED VERSION RISQUE STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT **Brii Underground Wear** Main Store
***Arisaris AA26 Charismatic Sunglasses Sunflowers
Chop Zuey Sea Mist Set
Tukinowaguma Edla
.::WoW Skins::. Azzurra Tan
~SB~ Summer Fruits Nail Polish *SFF Gift* ~Sugar button boutique~
= fashiowl poses SFF. (Búho)
.:TBOHome:. Summer Cinema – set
~CandyMetal~ Beach Hand bag SFF Gift

Designer Circle Round #81


Round 81 of Designer Circle has last 3 weeks this time, and there is still time to go to pick the items i have brought in this post. I hope you like them as much as i do.
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~*Sailing in the Night*~

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Gizza - Sailing Dress Full1-2048

Gizza - Sailing Dress Close1-2048

I tried after some time again to do a picture with some new settings to raise my skills in SL and PS. I am not sure yet if I made anything better to my older pictures but believing can move mountains we say here :P No I am definetly still not where I want to be yet so I keep practicing and practicing.


~Outfit: GizzA – Sailing Dress [Crosswise]

~Jewelry: GizzA – Sailing Dress [Striped Red]

~Glasses: GizzA – Nautical Sunglasses [Teal]

~Hair: [taketomi]_MeiLing_Browns


~Nails: Hello Dave: Slink Avatar Enhancement- Colours Pack 4

Pose by *PosESioN*

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