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Sage in Fashion for Life


Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will run from June 7th through June 20th from midnight to midnight. I think most of us already know about this campaign and event, but also that never is enough talking helping this event to promote. Moreover because this time, I am happy announcing Sage is there, giving 100% of the funds collected with her dress “Judy” which was created honouring Sage’s Mom. Under credits you will find a link to the sims Sage has got a shop in, and another one to get more information about the event. Enjoy shopping, this time it is really for good.


Sage Judy Gown Pink
Sage Judy Gown White
Sage Fashions Main Store, Sage Isle (71, 132, 32)

Blacklace under and on


Hoy traigo dos cositas de Blacklace. Una para vestirse, un precioso y atrevido diseño para salir de fiesta. Ajustado como un guante, y menos mal, porque con ese escote, esa espalda y ese corte de pierna uno se pregunta cómo se sujeta. La textura es muy bonita, de esas que te hacen desearla para un vestido en tu RL.

Acid Lilly Loves Cats


Today is the last day before Acid Lilly renovates his Gallery. I wouldn’t want to say but to this collection without writing another post about it. So here I am, wearing the first thing i tried from this week. Just because i do love cats and because it makes me feel sexy that i could jump to the stand and become a pole dancer.



From Acid Lily:

- LoveCats Entice outfit

Against the wall. Vero Modero.





[VM] VERO MODERO / Harem Mesh Set
VJ – Tsarina bracelet
Chop Zuey: Night Mystery Gld Earrings
Amacci Hair Karen ~ Jet Black
JD - Group Gift – Deviant Salmon

Wandering in strange lands


This week I have had the luck to be asked to blog about Acid Lily. This way I have discovered some new shops for me, and an incredible fashion gallery, that provides you with only the best from SL designers, showcasing their impressive talent and unique creations.

Evolve in TOW.


There are the last days of TOW, so, hurry up. Pick its amazing desings up before they are vanished.



Poses. .::MORPHINE Poses::. :
.::MS::. Open Your Heart – Set.
.::MS::. Open Your Mind – Set.

Not in TOW:
.::WoW Skins::. Sahar CL
IKON Eternal Eyes – Green (M). Month Group Gift.
TuTy’s – ROMANTIC – vintage hairstyle + base hair – mahogany

Meiling Couture, Morphine Poses & Xen’s Hat for TOW.





M – La Romaine Hand Dyed Kafta. MEILING Couture SL.
Xen’s Hats Foxxie (Wear Me)
Poses. .::MORPHINE Poses::. :
   .::MS::. Open Your Heart – Set.
   .::MS::. Open Your Heart – Set.

*Other items:
*KL* Sandals Nadia Black Display. Kitties Lair.
A Noble Heart Pk Set. (The Don Quixote Collection). Chop Zuey.
“”D!va”” Hair “Marie”
R.icielli – KATE Skin / Natural. The Halloween Hunt. Ricielli Mesh.
R.icielli – KATE Skin / Natural.The Halloween Hunt. Ricielli Mesh.

I like Winter.


Or at least I like the soft winters we have got here, but not as soft as not enjoying the warmth inside a coat. Boots are hiding long woolen stockings. Gloves. Collars are raising up of our jackets are risen up againts the cold wind, or we hide our necks envolved by such amazing coat fur.




a href=”″>%5BVM%5D VERO MODERO / Eylul Leather Coat Red. Coming Soon. (next week in shops).
[VM] VERO MODERO / Retro Boots
[VM] VERO MODERO / Eylul Bag
Itsy Bitsy Spider Set. Chop Zuey. FREE, it is a gift and no, you don’t need anythign so rush to take it !!
::Exile:: Betty Lou:Tango. One of the 3 gifts you can find in the shops these days.
R.icielli – CECILE Skin / Base. Now skins 50% and Halloween hunt, it won’t be dificult to find the cabagges, althought this is not one of them.
Ballons: What Next.

Dressed by GizzA. A TOW’s post.


This is not the first dress of GizzA that I have got. And I am so sure it won’t be the last either. Though I think I has been the first time I have blogged about the shop. And this is a good piece to start, because it is GizzA’s creation for TOW, and also because I felt in love with the dress inmediatly. “Love me or Stay Away”. How many times could we have shout that in any life ?

I am not in black and white.


Yes “not in black and white” because it is what you feel when you land in this awesome sim. How rich and full of colours your look can be, and how full of sensuos curves your shape is, when you are walking in a White World with Black lines as inhabitants.



waterreflection04 waterreflection05



Look of the day:

Cupcakes – Nora – Nutmeg – Sweet. Cupcakes’ new skin. There is a free one in each tone.
Adam n Eve Mesh Eyes Fawn. New on Adam’n’Eve. I have found them really astonishing !!!
A&A Yuki Hair 4. Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore -, Wonderland Beach (159, 112, 24)
“:)(: NAILS Collection AA”.
Indyra Originals Couture- Fallon.
“:)(: Elika Bootie Black”.
BehaviorBody-Chic Sit 2 Prop Chair Grey.

Pictures are taken following the tutorials you can find in Strawberry Singh‘ blog.

Meiling at the seashore.


There is nothing more seaworthy than a white and blue stripped top.  So, dressed this way I had to going out, looking for last sun, beaches, docks, piers, boats, ships. Today, enjoying the little summer of St Michel, (as we said in my country), there wasn’t anything i could do but going out, looking for the Sea.  When you live and has been brought up near the seashore, there are momments that going to smell, listen, fell breeze and sea becomes a need. (altro…)


Today, it is time for a new outfit inspired by Vero Modero’s Black Serie. My idea is bringing a new coat from Vero Modero really soon, as soon as it hang on the shop for sale. In the meanwhile, we will enjoy the Black Series that has added nes items recently. And of course, any other dessign from Vero Modero, in black or not.

vero modero03

One of the latest collections from Vero Modero is this, Vero Modero Black Series. Dark, varied, including seductive and elegant dresses all of them with something in common, the color. All dresses in black silks, laces and tulle. Well, almost all of them.


Summer, or how to be really late.


Summer has become my computer’s worst problem. It has been sent twice to technicians, and eventually, it has got a new power supplier and a new cooling set of fans, and the promise that if he is a good guy he will get a new graphic card soon. All this, with holiday, afternoons into the swimming pool, and the laziness that fills the few of me that is still free, has done that a whole month has vanished without writing a word.

Chop Zuey Fruits.

chop zuey 3

Chop Zuey has got in shops “The Forbidden Fruits Collection”. Cherries, Pears, Pineapples and Banannas. Each set includes belly ring and earrings, all in gold with gems or diamonds.

chop zuey 2

chop zuey 1

- FF A Proper Pear Earrings. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY – Main Shop.
– FF Bananna Head Earrings. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY – Main Shop.

Hair: Hairoin – Ferocity White Tiger. It is a gift at the Hair Fair. Hair Fair – Flower.

Skin: R.icielli – CECILE Skin / Base. (RICIELLI BR VALENTINES HUNT / ITEM#8)

Ohhh, my closet is empty !!!


These are the last items i found in the SFF. The fair ends next 24th, so we have still a couple of days to wander there. And who knows, maybe there are still some surprises waiting in its stands.

Summer arrives.


Wandering around SFF I came across the Chop Zuey’s stand, one of my favourite jewelry shops in SL. They bring the Sounds of Sea, to make us relax with the coming summer. Sounds of the Sea is a jewelry collection that includes necklace, earrings, belly ring, belly chain and ankle bracelet. All of them in fresh summer blue colors.


The skin I am wearing is also another SFF item. This time from Diamond Avatar, Roxane Sunkissed comes with several make-ups and offers old fashioned facelights, for anyone that is not still used with the new viewers lighting, or unable to use them.

Página: Summer Fashion Festival
Landmark: ArisAris/Summer Fashion Festival(118, 138, 26)
Skin: *Diamond Avatar*Skin Roxane Sunkissed
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Sounds of the Sea Ankle Bracelet, Earrings, Belly ring, Necklace, Belly Chain.
Hair: Dura celebration Group Gift.
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (London Fog, w2) Shop Gift. There are also another eyes for free at its side. I would go to pick up both.

BehaviorBody Couple Poses.


BehaviorBody has got an amazing offer in couple poses: BehaviorBody Special Poses Set and BehaviorBody Old Couple Poses. None of them is an animation to use in furnitures or other stuff, but they include really good poses for couples photography. As the owner says, the pack includes his favourite pose from all the ones that Bebo has created in all this time as pose maker. So, if you are fond of SL photography, you should go there to have a look to both packs.

Veronica, a Baiastice Ensemble.


I was in the mood for going out and let the breeze undid my hair, even if it was a good one… A nice spring breeze, to refresh my muscles and thoughts. What could I wear. This baiastice set gave it all. A long spring dress and a warm leather jacket to put on. (Rigged mesh). On the other hand, no better hairs for SL breeze than Catwa. Both places deserve a vistit, as much as Avante Poses full of diferent poses for fashion shots.

Hucci and Ploom at Collabor88.


This week I received a notice from Hucci. It has been a long time since I was there. SL is so full of good shops that one would wish to have two times for the two lifes. This way I would be able to visit much more, and keep connected to the ones I like more. But the notice was not about Hucci main shop. It talked about some of their items, but just sold at Collabor88.

ALB & BehaviorBody for Ashraya Project.

Today I bring two items from Ashara Proyect sim. I am sure you already know about this good proyect that focusses in coming to the aid of Indian children. Funds collected will be used helping in the education for as many children as possible. This, we believe, is a worthwhile cause. The first item is a dress from ALB. It is a Indian style inspired dress that hides at leats 3 dresses inside, depending on the way you decide to wear it.


And second, a new Prop made specially for The Ashraya Project. It is a chair that you can find in 8 different leather textures and it is scripted for switching among its 18 brand new sit poses. Just take a look to it. Chair is available only at The Ashraya Project SIM.


ALB SALLY set special for ASHRAYA PROJECT by AnaLee Balut. From this set I am wearing:
– ALB KELLY jeans india fit.
– ALB TANGO earrings.
– ALB LALITHA flats (shoes).
– ALB SALLY 23 shirt / tunica.

Skin:-Belleza- Chloe Med (cleavage) Group gift.

Make-up: ALB Tattoo shining lip + eyeliner f hearts 3 oliveblue.

Manicure: ::)(:: NAILS Collection AA (PixelFashion).

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Diva2″ (Brown diamond)

Poses: BehaviorBody ChicSit 2 with Prop.
The Ashraya Project / SIM NORTH Behaviorbody
BehaviorBody Animations, NewMainstore (126, 121, 21)



Some days ago I read a note from The Sea Hole, it was about its new mesh skirt, and i found it so nice that i clicked on the lm to try it on. But once there, I couldn’t help it, and finally I brought this warm and comfortable pijama, that fits my mood much more these days…


It includes these soft look stocks…. I can’t wait to put all teh set on and relax at home doing nothing.




The Sea Hole – Ruffle Pj shorties Set : Kittys

::GB:: Angel heart Necklace (F). There are male and female necklaces with just a half each, or with the two heart halves. ;-)

[Mistwood] Stone of Jordan – Complete Set. (earrings and necklace).

MIEL TUE HAIR – Group Gift Pack. It is still available at the shop subscribo.

[Atomic] Grace Skin_Buff – Electric (TDR Blue Exclusive). Sorry, it was from the previous TDR collection. It is the main shop LM.

Poses BehaviorBody.


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