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Let Her Go…


… is the name of this outif from Liv Glam. And i found it could be the title of a song, the start of a poem or the end of a tale. These days. i couldn’t help writing it down as a title for this post. Maybe, just maybe, sometimes is better if you are let to go…




[LG] K Collection Let Her Go Outfit 3. LivGlam, LIV Glam (57, 92, 1001)
Candy Kisses Earrings and Necklace. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25)
:)(: Raphael Shoes Mesh – Fat Pack – COMING SOON. [ :)(: PIXELFASHION MainShop ] SEXY Fashion, Shoes and Jewelry
*Dura-Girl*50(Dark Brown) Dura Main Shop, Dura Dura (64, 127, 1001)
IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord (ML). IKON, Hot (250, 82, 38)
Nailed It – French Manicure – Pastels Set. Nailed It at BAIASTICE
.::WoW Skins::. Audrey Tan Fatpack. .::WoW Skins::. Skins & Shapes
Poses: BehaviorBody Animations, Mainstore (126, 121, 21)

The Key to my Heart


The key to my heart falls at my back, who will dare to take it ?

Fifty-five Innuendo.


last 55 Fridays Innuendo put this dress as offer in the shop. And it is still there. With really few edition it fits my shape perfectly without an alpha layer (which, of course, is included in the package).


Carmen’s Escape




Outit: Chop Zuey Carmens Escape – Ocean. Incluye vestido con cinturón, joyería, plumas, guantes y tocado.
Poses: BehaviorBody sitting poses.
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. JULY GG 2013
Zapatos: VG LUST SKY
Peinado: ~Tableau Vivant~ Constantine

Vero Modero. Summer for Him.


For once, and thanks to a very special colaboration, I bring male clothes to this blog. All of them are included in the new summer male collection from Vero Modero. Hope you like them as much as I do.




[VM] VERO MODERO / Bora Hoodie Set Dark Brown
[VM] VERO MODERO / Okan Set Brown
[VM] VERO MODERO / Theo Set Lines
BehaviorBody male sit poses.


Exclusives and gifts. Summer Fashion Festival 2013.








* Summer Fashion Festival:
-Dress: [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Thulani. Liv Glam.
-Top: DQ Sweater – Lavender. Drama Queen – DQ MESH
-Jewelry: Hana-Shobu Earrings and ring. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY
-Jewelry: Kita Kamakura Blu. Necklace. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY
-Shoes: ~CandyMetal~ Aura Summer Wedge Sandals DENIM. ~CandyMetal~ Store!
-Skin: GAALL Sunflower skin. ArisAris Sim* GAAll

* From other places:
-Hairdresser: Amacci Hair Linda ~ Dark Brown
-Prop: BehaviorBody-FreeGift-June/2013./p>

Vintage & Acid Lilly Gallery





- .: VINTAGE JEWELS Gallathea Silver. VINTAGE Jewels
– Zapatos: *RAVEN* black leather INNUENDO Italian Style
– “”D!va”” Hair “Kalli” (Type A)(Citrine). “”D!va”” Main Store Isle.
– .::WoW Skins::. Rosa sunkissed 02. .::WoW Skins::.
-Poses: BehaviorBody- Editorial Poses- Set 1. BehaviorBody Animations

From Acid Lily Gallery:
– Vestido: :{MV}: Setian Halter (M) Void. :{MV}: Flagship Store {Alternative Fashion}

Innuendo’s Desire




*DESIRE* by *INNUENDO* Italian Style.

Amacci Hair Linda ~ Dark Brown. For Old Europe Umbrella hunt - Amacci.


Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest, WatchTower (219, 108, 33)

Without words.


All you already know that last week we had Milan Fashion Week, and this AD’s dress was introduced to SL in it. I had already blogged about other AD dressed and the day of the AD’s show there were several other post about AD including this dress. I thought, maybe it would have too much for just one day, so I decided it would be better waiting a little bit. Today, I bring again AD to your screens, with the idea taht “Never” will remind us this amazing designer, enjoy her recent creations and yearn for her new ones.

Here Comes the Sun.


Here comes the sun. It’s been a long cold winter. Little Darling. It feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun. Little Darling. The smiles returning to the faces. Here comes the sun. And I say, it’s all right. Here comes the sun. I feel that ice is slowly melting. Little Darling. It seems like years since it’s been clear. And It’s all right.


Now it is true that Spring is here after a long cold winter. Sometimes these winter days made us need this kind of songs, to remind life is there full and rich, and soon summer will be here, with all its light…. But, i am a little strange one so… Here comes Nina and not George. :-)


Indyra Originals RTW & Mesh- Alais Bohemian Set- Indyra Originals Novedad disponible en violeta, agua, cítrico, floral, y turquesa.

*KL* Sandals Nadia Black Display. Kitties Lair (93, 128, 28)

Poses: BehaviorBody- Editorial Poses & ChicSit Set 3- BehaviorBody Animations, Impact Zone (126, 121, 21)

Vintage & Ricielli





Eternelle Set (NOVEDAD)
Includes necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring.

– EASTER HUNT 2013 / ITEM #7: Ricielli Mesh – Kalli minidress / newspaper.
– EASTER HUNT 2013 / ITEM #1: Ricielli Mesh – Trench Coat / BB
– R.icielli – HILARY Mesh Boots / Brown.

>TRUTH< Sam – browns

.::WoW Skins::. Candy Sunkissed full pack

Poses: BehaviorBody- Editorial Poses- Sets 1 y 2.

Adam’n’Eve at the Skin Fair. Acid Lilly Gallery and The Spring Is Near Hunt. Behavior’s New Poses. Chop Zuey.





AE Skins – Isabella T3 Peaches
*<a href=”″&gt; Adam n Eve @ The Skin Fair 2013 – Sim 1</a>
* <a href=”″>Adam n Eve Skins, Shapes, Mesh</a>

Kaithleen’s Wrinkled Mini Dress Red
* <a href=”″>~ Acid Lily ~ Fashion Gallery ~ L$70 or Less, Weekly Rotations</a>
* <a href=”″>Kaithleen’s new LM</a>

Chop Zuey Exclusive River Rocks Set
* <a href=”″>CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25)</a>

Spring Outfit: Chevron Blazer – even.flow.
* <a href=””></a&gt;
* <a href=”″>even.flow fashion mainstore.</a>

&gt;TRUTH&lt; Marisol –  dark browns
* <a href=”″>TRUTH Hair // (106, 85, 25)</a>

BehaviorBody-Editorial Poses Set 2
* <a href=”″>BehaviorBody Animations, NewMainstore (126, 121, 21)</a>

Baiastice 100%.

The real thing is…. this outfit left me without words, and is there anything else to say ?
Seriously, it is a must going to see the new items from Baiastice, and it is also too visiting WoW to see her new skins, that includes Lola’s applications and the new poses set from BehaviorBody. So not a lot of words but enought to give you 3 (really 4 including Dura) places to visit.



What are you waiting? Go, go, go !!!!

Baiastice_Boxy open Cardigan-wine
Baiastice_Lima trousers-black
Baiastice_Lira Pumps-wine
Baiastice_Aida top (champagne & red) // Aida top-print (black, gold & sienna)

.::WoW Skins::. Lucy tan CL
.::WoW Skins::. Lucy make up set (Lips tattoo 1 & Violet eyeshadow)

*Dura-Boys&Girls*24(Dark Brown)

Poses: BehaviorBody- Editorial Poses- Set 1

Sun in an “almost” empty room.






Indyra Originals MESH: The Witching Hour. Olympian blue.
Indyra Originals-Coquette Noir-Kelsi Pumps.
Rocinante’s Curve Slv Bracelet Lft. Chop Zuey
.::WoW Skins::. Samia GG Dec.
>TRUTH&lt; Bridgette – coffee
BehaviorBody 60’S Models Full Pack
Edward Hoppper build 001 (Marketplace)

Vendome promotion

To promote their latest release TSARINA, VENDOME Jewelry has decided to create a special promotion for these jewels, so GO FOR IT! Today, friday october 30 until at 12 pm, is when you can buy Tsarina at half of it usual price. It is a SHORT LIMITED OFFER, so don’t wait too long :-).


On the other hand, I was already wearing this set to take some pictures when I was said there were a promotion from Vendome. Then I thought, Why should I have to wait until all the article is ready to be published. It is also from Vendome, isn’t it ? So here you are, the set I have decide to wear for this year SL Christmas parties.

– VJ – Tsarina set: Earrings, necklace, bracelete and ring.
– VJ – Precious set: Earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring.

Poses: BehaviorBody Passion for Jewelry Set.
Behaviour Body

Hunting with Seldom Blue.

Seldom Blue is one of my shops since maybe 3 or even more years ago. These days, Seldom is involved in a couple of events in SL. One of them, Flawless Harvest Even ends tomorrow, so hurry up we are still on time. (altro…)



waterreflection04 waterreflection05



Look of the day:

Cupcakes – Nora – Nutmeg – Sweet. Cupcakes’ new skin. There is a free one in each tone.
Adam n Eve Mesh Eyes Fawn. New on Adam’n’Eve. I have found them really astonishing !!!
A&A Yuki Hair 4. Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore -, Wonderland Beach (159, 112, 24)
“:)(: NAILS Collection AA”.
Indyra Originals Couture- Fallon.
“:)(: Elika Bootie Black”.
BehaviorBody-Chic Sit 2 Prop Chair Grey.

Pictures are taken following the tutorials you can find in Strawberry Singh‘ blog.


Today, it is time for a new outfit inspired by Vero Modero’s Black Serie. My idea is bringing a new coat from Vero Modero really soon, as soon as it hang on the shop for sale. In the meanwhile, we will enjoy the Black Series that has added nes items recently. And of course, any other dessign from Vero Modero, in black or not.

vero modero03

One of the latest collections from Vero Modero is this, Vero Modero Black Series. Dark, varied, including seductive and elegant dresses all of them with something in common, the color. All dresses in black silks, laces and tulle. Well, almost all of them.


Summer, or how to be really late.


Summer has become my computer’s worst problem. It has been sent twice to technicians, and eventually, it has got a new power supplier and a new cooling set of fans, and the promise that if he is a good guy he will get a new graphic card soon. All this, with holiday, afternoons into the swimming pool, and the laziness that fills the few of me that is still free, has done that a whole month has vanished without writing a word.



I feel that everyone are almost gone in holiday… envy you! :)


so I will cheer myself up by taking pictures of beautiful seas I can find here in SL… who wants to join??


I am wearing Baiastice mesh Swimwear and Baiastice mesh Hat

Kessy is wearing Innuendo swimwear and Innuendo Hat

BehaviorBody Couple Poses.


BehaviorBody has got an amazing offer in couple poses: BehaviorBody Special Poses Set and BehaviorBody Old Couple Poses. None of them is an animation to use in furnitures or other stuff, but they include really good poses for couples photography. As the owner says, the pack includes his favourite pose from all the ones that Bebo has created in all this time as pose maker. So, if you are fond of SL photography, you should go there to have a look to both packs.

ALB & BehaviorBody for Ashraya Project.

Today I bring two items from Ashara Proyect sim. I am sure you already know about this good proyect that focusses in coming to the aid of Indian children. Funds collected will be used helping in the education for as many children as possible. This, we believe, is a worthwhile cause. The first item is a dress from ALB. It is a Indian style inspired dress that hides at leats 3 dresses inside, depending on the way you decide to wear it.


And second, a new Prop made specially for The Ashraya Project. It is a chair that you can find in 8 different leather textures and it is scripted for switching among its 18 brand new sit poses. Just take a look to it. Chair is available only at The Ashraya Project SIM.


ALB SALLY set special for ASHRAYA PROJECT by AnaLee Balut. From this set I am wearing:
– ALB KELLY jeans india fit.
– ALB TANGO earrings.
– ALB LALITHA flats (shoes).
– ALB SALLY 23 shirt / tunica.

Skin:-Belleza- Chloe Med (cleavage) Group gift.

Make-up: ALB Tattoo shining lip + eyeliner f hearts 3 oliveblue.

Manicure: ::)(:: NAILS Collection AA (PixelFashion).

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Diva2″ (Brown diamond)

Poses: BehaviorBody ChicSit 2 with Prop.
The Ashraya Project / SIM NORTH Behaviorbody
BehaviorBody Animations, NewMainstore (126, 121, 21)



Some days ago I read a note from The Sea Hole, it was about its new mesh skirt, and i found it so nice that i clicked on the lm to try it on. But once there, I couldn’t help it, and finally I brought this warm and comfortable pijama, that fits my mood much more these days…


It includes these soft look stocks…. I can’t wait to put all teh set on and relax at home doing nothing.




The Sea Hole – Ruffle Pj shorties Set : Kittys

::GB:: Angel heart Necklace (F). There are male and female necklaces with just a half each, or with the two heart halves. ;-)

[Mistwood] Stone of Jordan – Complete Set. (earrings and necklace).

MIEL TUE HAIR – Group Gift Pack. It is still available at the shop subscribo.

[Atomic] Grace Skin_Buff – Electric (TDR Blue Exclusive). Sorry, it was from the previous TDR collection. It is the main shop LM.

Poses BehaviorBody.


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