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Life is interesting because it is made of contrasts, so in this post and in the next one I want to show you very different attitudes towards winter time.

Today we start our journey with 2 versions of the GIZZA Nordic outfit, the first in black and grey, the second in a deep rich burgundy which works so well for this festive season, while the grey and black is really cool to the eye. I added hair by Sooski, complete with woollen hat and sandals/boots by Hucci. The cherry on the cake for me are the 2 super cute minibags by LEGAL INSANITY: the rabbit in pink and the panda in  flowers.  I find them adorable and loved them with these very feminine, yet practical outfits.

The last outfit is a mix between the top of the Nordic set by GIZZA, paired with the Swag slim pants by LEGAL INSANITY, complete with suspenders, I love the combination of these two elements.


GIZZA Nordic set in grey black

GIZZA Nordic set in grey black

GIZZA Nordic set in burgundy

GIZZA Nordic set in burgundy



Roxaane Fyanucci in GIZZA CREATIONS – Nordic outfit


pic by Logan McMahn

Model : Roxaane Fyannuci wears Nordic outfit 

January 22, 2014 Graduation Show

MBMA January 2014 Grad Show Invitation

Join us Wednesday evening January 22 at 6pm for the graduation show featuring Zuri Jewelry, Moondance Boutique, MEB, Beautiful Deluxe: Body Artistry, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Amacci Hair, Gizza Creations, Desir by Vivien Emerald.

Here is your landmark to BOA Center

HALLOWEEN, the final scare!

After the preparation of the last two weeks today i want to give you some suggestions for Halloween costumes .

I hope that you will enjoy them, we will go from the exquisitely elegant Deathly Silence by GIZZA, to the otherwordly fairy being from Terra d’Ombra vintage dress,  to the scary witch by ALB Fashion.

First off we meet a good looking ghost in Deathly Silence by Gizza, the longer we spend with her the less human she becomes.

And she can turn into a beautiful fairy being dressed in gold with Isadora by Terra d’Ombra, she shines from head to toes, but will this be the end of our story?

In her place the Halloween witch by ALB Fashion advances, she is savage and scary with her beyond human powers…….

Have fun, get scared, above all remember that this is also the end of the solar year and the beginning of the dark time that will lead us back to the solstice and the birth of the new sun.

The skins are by BLUSH Skins and Diamond skins, the shoes by Gizza, Terra d’Ombra and ALB Fashion, the jewels were part of the outfits, those added are by Vintage Jewels, the Halloween parasol is a great gift from Boudoir,  as well as the hair, also hair and headdress by Tukinowaguma.

Enjoy my last Halloween post!

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GIZZA Femme Fatale…..

Today I present to you the magnificent, sexy, elegant and impossible to miss Femme Fatale  by GIZZA.  It is audacious and sensual, with its long cloack and the overknee boots, the mesh minicorset, if you only wore it very little would be left to the imagination.

Women in this attire are sure to conquer whoever they set their hearts on…. have fun with Femme Fatale.  The face tattoo adds interest to an already perfect outfit.

Since this is still Halloween time, I have chosen to continue in this mood.

The incredible red and black outfits by Gizza are accompanied by the awesome hair by BOUDOIR   called Beautiful Death Coture, it is so detailed and well made, with its ornament and bloody tattoo that can be added according to your mood.

The jewels are from the Nephtys set by Vintage Jewels the are perfect accompaniment to both the dress and the hair.blood).

The skin is Bonnie the sexy vamp by BLUSH Skins, the nails by Nailed it Halloween 2013.


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Look of the day …. FATEwear, Dot-Be fashion, FBD, Gizza, Shi, Posesion

Today i decided to talk a walk. After the special day yesterday, it was time to relax and time to think about some stuff.

I never knew that gatcha event was so big in secondlife. They have an entire store full of gatcha machines with all kinds of stuff. Shi released these great mesh gloves with a hud. Oh yes these are mesh hands integrated with gloves and ofcourse like all mesh hands they come with a hud to perfectly match the skin. You can not only change the skin also the nails and the gloves texture.

The pants from Dot-Be fashion are so nice in detail and the goldish colour fitted perfect with the new gold shoes from FDB. Add the groupsgift from FATEwear and the great mesh bag from Gizza and you are ready to go. Do i need to say more? ….




Shirt : FATEwear Jacket – Leon free gift 

Short : Dot-be Cargo special gold 


Backpack : GizzA Men’s Backpack [Moss] 

Gloves : .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male] SET 3 

Pose :Posesion Editorial 7

Picture place

Look of the day …. Gizza, Chop Zuey, Moondance Boutique, Salon de Glow, Posesion

Although the summer is almost gone, in secondlife it feels like an endless summer. Gizza is known for the great mesh they create and this is not different. The shirt, pants and shoes are all available in different colours and sold separete so you can easy mix and match them. The good thing is that the shirt is created to match the pants.

The jewels im wearing are the latest gift from Chop Zuey. We all know that Belle Rousel creates not only for woman but also for men and like you all can see this is just perfect to wear. My nails are the new creation of Moondance Boutique.



Shirt : GizzA – Long Sleeve Shirt [Turquoise] 

Pants : Gizza - Cotton Pants [White]

Loafers : GizzA Loafer Shoes [TurquoiseOcean]

jewels : Chop Zuey : Pinwheel mens ring, earring and necklace

nails : Moondance Boutique – Biker Diamond 3D 

hair : Salon de GLOW -Sugar – (Jet Black) 

Picture place

pose : posesion cool boy 10 


This Fluffy Cloud Walks With Me

Hello, I’m finally back to blogging. :) Sorry I’ve been away from it for longer than I planned. Actually my inventory got quite full during this time with awesome stuff! Let me show you :)

-Please click on the image to see it in full size-


Hat – Time Trap in fuschia by Finesmith
Make Up – Marta by *LpD* (for Cosmetic Fair)
Shirt – part of Amanda outfit by *LpD*
Trousers – Lula Slacks by PurpleMoon
Bag – Gezi Park 3D Handbag in blue by Gizza

Pose – Chic7 by PosESioN

Hair – Yuri3 by D!va
Elegant1 Enhancement Hands by SLink


Finesmith in-world –

Finesmith Blog –

Finesmith Marketplace –

Finesmith Facebook –

Finesmith Flickr –


LpD in world –

LpD Blog –

ALB on the Beach


Yesterday it was hunting time in my Second Life. I spent a little bit of my time getting these lovely dresses from the ALB April Hunt, all with nice and rich textures, then i decided they deserved a nice prop to blog about them. I had received a notice about Thε Birds aηd Bεεs Huηt that was held by the “Rσyαl Liviηg Liƒεstγlε Mαgαziηε” (you can find more info by clicking on the link)


SOLO EVANE Show for Fashion for Life 2013


Join us at 4pm slt on March 11, 2013 featuring exclusive designs from the Fashion for Life 2013


SAS - Luna1-2048

SAS - Luna2-2048


~Gown: SAS – Luna Black *NEW*

~Skin: :Adan n Eve: Hanako Skin T2 *NEW*

~Corset: Angel Dessous – Corset-002-asiasign

~ShoulderParts: GizzA – Epaulette Set  in Black *NEW*

~Hair: MISS C. / Pneuma for Stuff in Stock ( 6 Colours ) *NEW*

~Earrings: .:EMO-tions:. *VARI * Jewelry in Gold-brown *NEW*

~Hat: *LODE* Hat – Bittersweet [black]

~Bracelet: (Kunglers Extra) Berenice *NEW*

(includes necklace also)

~Shoes: [Cliche] Citta Stiletto (black)

~MakeUp: Silken Moon – Twisted Nights Concept Makeup

Pose by *PosESioN*

Gizza & Finesmith Valentine Hunt

Outfit: GizzA - Loose Cardigan [Knitted Red] WEAR ME with GizzA – Mandy Pants – Mesh [Orient Tones] WEAR ME ( New!)  . Simply love it :-)

Shoes: JD – Tundra Gold Suede for TDR (New!)

Hair : [e] Glory – Black 07

Skin:  Essences – Wednesday Candy *light rose* (brunette) & {.essences.} Blush: Contour -> Middle Peach for TDR (New!)

Jewels: FINESMITH LOVENUGGET bracelets, earrings and ring with FINESMITH Valentine oxidized.(New!)

You can find the jewels you see in this photo and many more at the Finesmith Valentine Hunt


We have 16 red hearts full of love spread around the main store.

In the boxes you will find- necklaces’ earrings, bracelets, tiara’s, hair sticks, rings,gold, silver, gems, copper.

for evening or casual, and few bigger pieces.

The hearts is marked 0- 100L. if you find them all you will have full valentine jewelry sets and beautiful single items decorated with the most loved shape. hearts, hearts and more hearts.

So run to Gizza and Finesmith and happy shopping :-)

BLACK the Gizza way, take 1 …. Action!

I am always amazed by the quantity and quality of the creations produced by Giz Seorn, she is such a talented designer with a great taste and experienced eye to catch and create new trends.

In the next issue of Bestyle Magazine there will be my cover article for Gizza, so I have decided to create a series of blog posts on the black short creations issued in the last few weeks, have fun in creating your own outfits, I certainly enjoyed my time with these clothes.

The skin I have used is always Adriana light sunkiss by BLUSH Skins, the make up is Sandra Said by Madrid Solo for sale at the Gypset Market (sometimes the full make up, sometimes only the eyes), all the poses are from BeloD, the accessories vary according to the outfits and are mentioned with them.

In my first post I present everyday wear with the distinctive Gizza feel of chic:

Gizza jeans shorts and tee shirt, with Gizza mesh sneakers in matching cream, sash belt and Solo sunglasses by Legal Insanity, hair by Vanity hair;

the fun outfit inspired by military uniforms   called  Cadet Couture with Gizza Starlight studded mesh boots, hairbase by Boon;

last but not least is  the casual and yet elegant mix of high waist woolen pants with the turtle neck sweater , accompanied by Chop Zuey Seeing Polka Dots (for sale at the Gypset Market), Wasabi Pills hair, Solo sunglasses by Legal Insanity, classic clutch by BeloD,

As a homage to Giz’s cultural background I have used a photo of a courtyard in the Topkapi palace of Istanbul.


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~*Full Moon*~

Once upon a time there were two police sisters in the Bronx of Tokyo. As we are in the year of 2150 the robots came over the humanity and tries till years to destroy all human they scan as danger for their race even they were once build by them.

So this two sister made it to their destiny to hunt this kind of robots which changed from a helper to an enemy and fight against them with all they have.

Yes I know sounds like a movie or a fairytale. But as I edited this picture I always had the images from an old manga movie in my head I saw years ago and with the long legs and the short skirt and pants I think it fits very well.

I really thank Serene Faith for the idea to do a doublepost with the new arrivals of GIZZA and I thank also my sweet Arnold Winsmore to be our evil robot for this post. To subscribe a bit the action in this post I add below a Link to a song I really love and gave me power during editing the pictures.


Sonata Arctica – Full Moon

GIZZA - Cadet & Denim Shorts1-2048

Models from left: Arnold Winsmore, Falbala Fairey & Serene Faith

GIZZA - Cadet & Denim Shorts2-2048

Model: Serene Faith

Credits on Serene:

~Hair: Argrace (Beanie)

~Sunglasses: Izzie’s Oversized Sunglasses

~Jacket: Gizza Padded Coat

~Skirt: Gizza Cadet Couture (Olive) *MESH*

~Boots: Gizza Combat Boots *MESH*

~Bag: Grenade backpack (SL Marketplace)

GIZZA - Cadet & Denim Shorts3-2048

Model: Falbala Fairey

Credits on Falbala:

~Jacket&Cap: GizzA – Cadet Couture in Khaki

~Shorts: GizzA – Loose Denim Short in Black *MESH*

~Shoes: [Cliche] Pilar boots -fin

~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * RINA * darkbrown *MESH*

~Sleevehair: TuTy’s JUICY Wet look ponytail – Dark brown

~Pistols: *BREACH* – G18

~Hands: Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands

Poses by Expressions

Seasons of……?

Some of the mistery will be unveiled today….

ALB Fashion, Fellini Couture, Gizza Creations and ……?

Soon you will know just look at the photos below and


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You are invited to the SEASONS SHOW  By the Bestyle District Agency

A Celebration of BLUSH SKINS





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