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Collins Land with red Mint and Chocolat… and some more.

I really felt in love with this sim the first time i visited it. Now it has been rebuilt making it more deslicious if that was able. Sim opens to the visitors on 1 October, be sure that the pictures don’t make justice to it, Collins have got breathtaking corners, to be alone or with company…

In the garden

I like to write some words in English instead of just reblogging my spanish post, but summer is here full of RL activity, and i spent of my few time in writting these words, so i am sorry but for once, i will publish here in spanish. God Bless Summer.


Ayer descubrí un sim precioso en SL. Se trata de Collins Land, es un gran parque, no de ciudad, es más como un gran parque natural, algo así como un “parque nacional” o una reserva de la biosfera. Como se dice en su descripción es una pequeña porción del Paraíso. Un rincón tranquilo y sosegado para aquellos que buscan un lugar sereno y silencioso. Y donde todos somos bienvenidos. Pese a la apariencia relajada, también tiene rinconcitos que le hacen honor a su calificación como “Adult”.

Adam’n’Eve at the Skin Fair. Acid Lilly Gallery and The Spring Is Near Hunt. Behavior’s New Poses. Chop Zuey.





AE Skins – Isabella T3 Peaches
*<a href=”″&gt; Adam n Eve @ The Skin Fair 2013 – Sim 1</a>
* <a href=”″>Adam n Eve Skins, Shapes, Mesh</a>

Kaithleen’s Wrinkled Mini Dress Red
* <a href=”″>~ Acid Lily ~ Fashion Gallery ~ L$70 or Less, Weekly Rotations</a>
* <a href=”″>Kaithleen’s new LM</a>

Chop Zuey Exclusive River Rocks Set
* <a href=”″>CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25)</a>

Spring Outfit: Chevron Blazer – even.flow.
* <a href=””></a&gt;
* <a href=”″>even.flow fashion mainstore.</a>

&gt;TRUTH&lt; Marisol –  dark browns
* <a href=”″>TRUTH Hair // (106, 85, 25)</a>

BehaviorBody-Editorial Poses Set 2
* <a href=”″>BehaviorBody Animations, NewMainstore (126, 121, 21)</a>

Acid Lily goes to East.


Recently I am really under the influence of East Assia, even the dress I have chosen to bring from Acid Lily Galery is an Oriental style design from Kaithleen. I am wearing it together with these lovely shoes from Even Flow, also available in Acid Lily’s set for this week.


Don’t forget that anything in the galery is lower than 70 L$, even these shoes and this dress!!!! There, you can find even free gifts from some of the shops, I relly think it is something you can’t miss.


[BLUSH] Selma Skin Tan – Nude (Enhanced Cleavage) POE5 box #029 – BLUSH SKINS
*Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary Hair (Black). Ya tiene un tiempo lo sé, pero me encanta.
** VJ Sacha Gold ** VENDOME Jewelry.

From Acid Lily:
even.flow – Bow Heels “Lipstick Red” (box)
Kaithleen’s Silk Brocade Oriental Minidress Red M

Wandering in strange lands


This week I have had the luck to be asked to blog about Acid Lily. This way I have discovered some new shops for me, and an incredible fashion gallery, that provides you with only the best from SL designers, showcasing their impressive talent and unique creations.


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