“M” Mimmi Boa wears Maggie for ” Donna Flora A to Z”

My friend Squinternet Larnia, owner and designer of Donna Flora lives a bad moment and she is  struggling with illness. When i  spoke with her i was atonished and  speachless i remember my reaction was to think  the best way to help her   and as you prolly  already know i  created “the Donna Flora  Styling contest”  on Flickr supported  by other  friends and agency owners.  Every lil drop can make the difference and  if  Squinternet can’t create  now, we help her  all the way to still get known  and to sells  her unbeatable products. Squinternet  now she is out of the hospital but it is an hard moment for her and she needs  support, love and  affection  beside “material” things that  are very important too for managing    the recover.   

Cajsa Lilliehook   invited me  ( thanks) to  join a project called “Donna Flora  A to Z”   ( check Cajsa’s article at It’s Only Fashion ) Each writer picked a letter and chose a dress from Donna Flora’s  collection  to purchase and write about.  I choose  “M ” like Mimmi and  like this amazing “Maggie”   Silver and Gold that is  the perfect  choose for every elegant event. Donna Flora is  surely a genius and one of the most talented and lovely woman  i’ve met. If you love the  great fashion you must  go to Donna Flora mainstore and get amazed by her unbeatable, unique creations!

 Mimmi Boa wears:  “Maggie” silver and gold by Donna Flora.

Necklace  and earrings are from Donna Flora too!







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