~*SL TopModel 1st Challenge*~


The Anne Demeulemeester challenge!

A very interesting RL Designer which a huge imagination of a mix from elegance, avant gard style and casual themed clothing. It was a huge panel to use for this challenge but also with tricky points in it. Loved this challenge and took the change to challenge myself again a bit with a styling I nearly never do. An androgyn look. Inspired more out of the male collection of her but also with the femalic parts in it.

SLTM - 2nd round

Picture taken and edited by Arnold Winsmore


~Coat: Made by the wonderful AnaLee balut of ALB Dream Fashion Designs and because of a vacation not in store yet (modified for me) *MESH*

~Pants: ALB – MALIKA leather pants black

~Shoes: Maitreya Mesh Jazz Boots * Black *MESH*

~Fur: InMonster – ”DEL” Dress [Black] Fur shoulderparts (modified)

~Eyejewelry: Chop Zuey – Gentle Insanities Slv/Blu Set


~MakeUp: A:S:S – Drama shadow – Coal

PMD – Darkside

Pose by *PosESioN*

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