~*Secret of Voodoo*~

A religion practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries, especially Haiti, syncretized from Roman Catholic ritual elements and the animism and magic of slaves from West Africa, in which a supreme God rules a large pantheon of local and tutelary deities, deified ancestors, and saints, who communicate with believers in dreams, trances, and ritual possessions. Also called vodoun.

Mea Culpa - Voodoo2048

Credits on Arnold:

~Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * FORCE * black

~Outfit: Mea Culpa – Illusory Wisdom

~Jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*Nose&Neck Piercing Set1

~MakeUp: .:Glamorize:. Delicious Shine – Tar
Madrid Solo – Maze

~Glove: Devil Bringer (shop doesn´t excist anymore inworld)
~Raven: Flying Pet Raven

Pose by *PosESioN*


Credits on Falbala:

~Outfit: **=__MEA CULPA_=** – Voodoo Child *NEW*

~Hair: -dDx– Devlyn – Robust

~Hairbase: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE – straight

~MakeUp: Corvus – “Gone Mad” Face Tattoo

~Jewelry: FINESMITH – Love Does’nt grow on trees

~Shoes: **=__MEA CULPA_=** – Shoe Crow

Pose by ::eXpression::


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