~*SL TopModel 3rd Challenge*~


Honor to an animal!

This time we get asked to style an animal we would like to honor without wearing it as a killed animal. Let me share my description of it as I think this explains it the best.

Animal I choosed: Ogon Koi

Ogon Koi or also called Yamabuki Ogon Koi (who is specialiced on his pure golden colored body)

I choosed him because I love the colors of this animal full of peace and freedom. He is elegant, full of traditions and shows his royality not only in his view. Also his smooth moves in the water and the metalic shimmering in the sun of his body let me believe that he can work against one of the more and more incoming danger of burnouts in our world where the numbers of victims grow every year.

For me the fish in sweet- and saltwater has something magical as the ocean is one of the onliest areas human has not under their whole control and can be like it was already million years ago.



Pictures are taken and edited by Arnold Winsmore


~Skirt: Son!a Nymph  dress Orange

~Back- & Sidewings: Son!a Rio costume fire

~Top&Gloves: :: PM :: Eve in Peach

~Jewelry: BijouxOr Design (Gold Oriental Tang – Mui Fei set (red))

~Headpiece: BijouxOr Design (Oriental Tang – Mui Fei Hair pieces (Red))

~Hair: Esk-imo Hair Natasha I (Medium Brown)

~Nails: Candy Nail #P027 Clear French Orange

Poses used by *PosESioN*


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