Visting for Tea.


This dress is from Vero Modero. Just taking it out the box, with those metal applications on its shoulders and the frills on the chest, you wouldn’t say it could fit this vintage look. But, nothing as complements to build up a look. And I really like this set from Eclectica. You have to buy it separately. Jewellery, to chose among 8 diffferent tones, and hats with 6 packages including 3 of these lovely hats. With hair to hide and show.


The dress belongs to the Universe set, which is part of the new collection from Vero Modero as they say, Spring Attack to Winter Blues. Universe includes 3 dresses in green, blue and earth tones, all of them with a nice short brown jacket full of frills.


I asked for the opinion of a close friend. He was not sure of the hat, not sure of the dress, or shoes, but at the end he really had to admit all them together did a great look. As he said, a really vintage look, so… and i felt in the mood for and old fashioned vist for tea. And better of all that, while i am writting these words and I am still wandering here and there in SL, someone has im me to ask: “Where is that outfit from?” Do you need any other prove?


[VM] VERO MODERO / Universe Sets Earth
Eclectica ‘Solaria’ Cloche Hat- Tangerine
Eclectica ‘Solaria’ Jewellery in Sulphur
Shoes: R2 “Kahiwa” Beige
.::WoW Skins::. Hilary.
CLEO DESIGN-MONTHLY GIFT: (armchair and cupboard)


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