CHOP ZUEY….. “Paparazzi II”

Paparazzi II  “Paparazzi II” in blue

Lights, red carpets, and glamour…. Paparazzi II is one of the latest releases from Belle Rousell at Chop Zuey.

Originally released for Second Life’s “Hollywood” event, Paparazzi II and it’s sister set “Paparazzi” are now both available at the main Chop Zuey store. Choose from the gorgeous blue that I’m wearing in this picture…or the equally stunning pink set.

Each set includes the magnificant choker with white and yellow diamonds contrasted with either blue or pink diamonds.  Also included are the delicate line earrings pictured.  For styling options, you can pair either the thin or thick jeweled bracelets.  Each piece is individually resizable.

Gentleman, this is the set every woman wishes she had 🙂

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