S from Summer, and A from AD.


This is time for the Summer Fashion Fair that is held by Aris Aris in their sim. From 30 May until 16 June, more better shops, if that’s possible, have got their little stands there.


And to start with my posts about it SFF, I bring AD design for the fair. I have chosen the black one, because i am feeling a little bit goth these days, but it is also there in white, clear and fresh for a summer that soon will start in our lifes. And remember every stand has got nice ice creams for us. Including AD.


Ah, espadriles are from Gos, simply amazing and breath taking. Ithink they are the better shoes i have even seen in SL. I LOVE THEM !!!



En la SFF:
[AD] Sun goth EXCLUSIVE swimsuit black mesh
[AD] Sun goth sunglasses mesh black


[Gos] Boutique
– Lolita Espadrilles – Black
.::WoW Skins::. Chanel Milk

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