Romanticism and glasses

This is one of the latest releases from Evolve for this Summer. The dress is named Romanticism, and it really looks romantic, no matter which of the different texture you chose to buy. There are 9 different patterns for this dress, including a picture from Rubens, and the colorfull of the Sixtine Chappel.


The mesh dress have got two diferent attachements, the ruffled top of the neckline, and a tail just for one legg. I am sorry I don’t took a picture wearing the tail, but, after getting this look ready, I was busy for a while trying clean installations, and fighting with Window 7 updates. When finally I could be back to SL, i forgot the tail completely (/me blushes). But it doesn’t look great if you decided as me for this strech version. I simply love this mesh.



With that kind of neckline i thought something really special was required for my neck, so i rescued this lovely collar from Vintage, Amazone. And talking about Vintage, they are going to held a weekly contest, the firts one ends today. You will find a poster about in the shop, the same you can see below, and you have to answer which model of glasses from Vintage appear in the weekly poster. Winner will be announced in the Vintage Group, so it is compulsory you belong to it to participate, and with the glasses, winner will recieve a 500 L$ ticket to spend in this gre4at jewelry.


EVOLVE(SG)-Romanticism 1

VJ – Amazon necklace. VINTAGE Jewels.

Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

.::WoW Skins::. Erin Tan CL

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