~*The Gatsby Mysteria*~


About the Story:

Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of the novel, is a young millionaire businessman and opaque. Although he held in his house on Long Iceland dance parties for the New York society, he is lonely. All he wants is to bring back the past and to be back with the love of his life, Daisy together. But in time, the Gatsby fought in France in World War I, Daisy married the millionaire and former football player Tom Buchanan and gave birth to a daughter named Pammy.
The narrator of the story is Nick Carraway (second cousin of Daisy), a young stockbroker who moves into the old house next door Gatsby.
Daisy is between her husband Tom Buchanan and Gatsby torn until they caused an accident at the wheel of a new car Gatsby, in which Myrtle Wilson, Tom’s mistress dies. Gatsby wants to take the blame for love. Tom…

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