These poses are still in the oven, waiting for the whole set is ready to be sold. I really hope it will be soon because there is something about this set BehaviorBody is getting ready to lunch. Every and each of its poses “speak”. And in my oppinion there is something a good picture needs, although i don’t get it very often, a good picture always tells anything, even sadness and pain.



But Second Life is not a place for pain and sadness, although we could find them there too. And if we wanted to reflex that these poses will help us to get it. But it is much better taking that feelings out like in a fresh bath, and stand up (with Bebo’s poses as well), because soon SL will show its best and funniest side. And with this outfit from Innuendo finding fun won’t be so difficult. “/me smiles wickedly.”



While i was reviewing this post’s LM i got an im from a stranger: “Sorry nice outfit, where did you find it?”. I really believe that I cannot add a word about how this looks like inworld. Wait, i can. Here you have the credits:

*SHINY* purple by INNUENDO Italian Style: zapatos, pendientes, brazalete, cinturon, pañuelo y vestido

.::WoW Skins::. Michela Tan 02/CL

“”D!va”” Hair “Marie” (Type A)(Citrine)

Poses: BehaviorBody Pain (still in the oven, soon in the vendors). BehaviorBody Placing Poses.


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