Look of the day … Yasum, Redgrave, Motivaction, Exile, posesion

One day in your life … Said love would remind you …. How could you leave it all behind
One day in your life…  it’s gonna find you … With the tears that left me cry
And baby I’m stronger then before … You gotta lay it on the line … Maybe one day in your life (more here)



The pants from Yasum are just released and i love them, not only because of the orginal mesh but also that there is a texture hud so you can change the look completly. Same goes for the studded gloves and the cap, the texture hud gives you the possibiltiy to get it to your taste.


Outfit : 

Pants – Yasum design * Yasum*MESH*Dungies*Mega Hud controled*MALE 

Shoes – Redgrave – ! Sneakers Miles – Light / REDGRAVE (RGP2310003)

gloves – Motivaction – [M] Studded gloves for men & woman 

hair – ::Exile:Broken Strings: Blacks 

cap – Motivaction – ~~[Motivaction] Gentleman Outfit flatcap 

pose – Posesion – summer boy 10

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