Look of the day … Phoebe Piercing and more, Sadistic Hacker, Flow

Let the beat go Boom boom boom like a bass drum, Loud, Loud, Loud when i break the rules. I’m gonna stay up, until i can’t stand up … The original video from Natalia was removed because of people that did see the video boomed until 1.240.000 hits in one night. It was all over the news here in Belgium, such a shame cause it was a great video. Thankfull someone made a picture video with the same music. I dare everyone to boom this video again !

The perfect song for this sexy hot look. Phoebe piercing and more gives this mesh necklace for only 10L this week so hurry up. The hair from Sadistic hacker is so totaly me, so perfect. I never thought surfing could be so fun without getting really smashed into the water in rl. With the Flow shorts the perfect wave crasher.



Shorts : Flow : boardshort surf – plain red

Hair : Sadistic Hacker – *SH* Saku Hair(black)

necklace : Phoebe Piercing and more – *P* Unisex Wolf Necklace ~Bead Colors~ (P.MESH)–  only 10 linden for this week !!




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