My latest pots were about number 7. Today one is more about 2. The previous ones were about undies, breakfast, walks, shoes. Today one is about pairs too, but eyes. I think i have had the luck of wearing Ikon eyes since the shop was named Fashism. Ikon brings us amazing, realistic eyes and at a really good price. I think everyone knows Ikon, and maybe because of that i didn’t add the name of the shop in my credits. But we shouldn’t get tired of talking about such good things.

This post brings another pair, this time of earrings, from Even Flow, which is sold at this fortnight Acid Lily Event. And finally just one skin, this delicious and sweet one from WoW. The skin has a shape that matches perfectly, but i like them so much on my own shape that i don’t need any change to feel perfect under a WoW skin. Am I wrong?


.::WoW Skins::. Cristy skin
IKON Lucid Eyes – Machine (ML)
even.flow – Ohm Earrings “Copper” en * Acid Lily Gallery – Biweekly Sales Event *. Más información haciendo click en el logo de Acid Lily que tenéis a la derecha de la pantalla.

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