Annwn Willows’ Sim


Last week i discovered an amazing sim. It is AnnWn Willow’ Sim. When you got there, you arrive just under a big tree that reminds childhood. A tree to climb at, or run around, or hide behind… I didn’t know exactly what to say about this amazing sim, I just explored a little part of it, the one that i tried to bring in these pictures, so Saint-Exupéry as you can imagine with these shots. I think i will use the same ones that wellcome arriving to Annwn Willows’. Here you have them.

asteroidb612_03 asteroidb612_02

“Annwn Willows is about a story still asleep. It dreams.
Close your eyes as you listen to her whisper about memories, dreams, thoughts and passion”.


“You might like to know some basics:
While you explore, you may find hidden poses or a dance with your beloved one. Almost every object among Annwn is keeping a little secret for you. Dances are to be found in the plungers that are spread over the sim. Ask the ravens for a lift, if your feet are too tired to carry you any longer. You are looking for a more quiet place to be at times when there are more visitors around, then have a look for the portal, that leads you up to the “Moon & Stars”. There is only one way to get there. Have a stop-by at the south-east of the sim, for a movie or two. The donation-bucket at it’s entry makes sure, new ones will be added and even more… Just have a look and find out yourself.”


There are not better words to describe this nice sim. It really deserves a visit. That’s the wonder of SL. It lets us enjoy the imagination of so creative people as our designers and creators are. Designs or places.


Annwn willows’ sim


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