A place to visit: Ocho Tango.


I wanted to speak about this nice sim that looks like a big field of wheat ready for the harvest. But although the place is astonishing, and offers you a nice bycicle ride, places to sit looking at the sunset and even a little place where you can hide deep inside earth, the most i liked about Ocho Tango is exactly that, tango.


In the middle of the sim there is a club that stands there, like being in the middle of nowhere, and covered by the dust that quietly has lied on its walls for years, decades, centuries… And there, i danced tango with a close friend, while a nice man voice was singing life unplugged tangos… it was on thursdays, and really hope they will start the next season soon. In the meanwhile i will keep whistling “Por una cabeza…




En * Acid Lily Gallery – Biweekly Sales Event *. (más información en el logo de Acid Lily que tenéis a la derecha):
– conjunto: ”{ RoA }” – Mon Prefere ~~<3 (05). { Room of AMO } main store.
– zapatos: ”{ RoA }” -Etoile (Navy). { Room of AMO } main store
– poses: .::Kirin Poses::. Fuyu no Uta Pose Pack. Kirin Pose Store.

sombrero:Eclectica ‘Solaria’ Cloche Hat- Blue. Eclectica, Sinaburoe (183, 10, 247).
joyería: Consecration Set Blk/Gld. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25).
gafas: Eclectica 50’s glasses_Rhinestones. Eclectica, Sinaburoe (183, 10, 247).
cartera: Nocturne Clutch Purse – Blk. CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25).
peinado:TRUTH HAIR Felicity – browns. TRUTH HAIR.
ojos: IKON Perspective Eyes. IKON, Hot (250, 82, 38).
skin: -Belleza- Cynful Gift Skin (regalo apertura sim).LÑ del sim donde esta la skin de regalo: BLACKLACE , LIL’LACE & BEAUTY, Blacklace.
location: Ocho Tango Club by DaD DESIGN

thanks chef for a great time….

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