red Mint and candles…

I took this shot last week, and surely i was still surrounded by the mistery and darkness that brings to our souls 31st of Octobre, and !st of Novembre…


Later, i got suprised these shots were so dark, i didn’t rembembere them that way at all. The outfit is a miss’n’match about red Mint. From boots to hair, top skirt, bangles, nails… My skin, of course is from WoW, and mistery is brought by the Avicci’s prop, which you can find at the market place. Of couse, i leave you a taxi to all the shops…


(r)M~DrawDown Top (No.05) >
(r)M~BabyDoll Skirt (No.05) >
(r)M~(LegWarmer) Platform Boots ~ No.02 (Mesh) >
(r)M~Posture Collar > No.02 > (RLV version)
(r)M ~ Bangles w/ Ring & Nails (Silver) >
(r)M Hair No.12’13 ~ Wine Red(r)M MainStore, Magic Isle (123, 127, 31)
.::WoW Skins::. Jessica Tan. .::WoW Skins::. Skins & Shapes.
Prop: + Avicci + Candles Room. ✚ A v i c c i ✚


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