New from NSP Madame de Floria (Lepard Print) Hat with Josephine Halter Dress

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NSP Madame de Floria (Lepard Print) Hat NSP Madame de Floria (Lepard Print)hat2 NSP Josephine Halter Dress back NSP Josephine Halter Dress

Good things over at NSP, Norena has been working hard putting at fabulous flowers, but look at these two new projects.. a very fancy feathery hat called Madame de Floria in lepard print, such a great hat to wear with any formal or casual outfit. I combined this with the Josephine halter dress, another great dress from NSP. look at the flowers on the back of the dress, love how she mixes flowers and fabric. I added some Zuri Rayna Jewels called Josephine Tiger Orchid. What a great combination. Only you can go see for yourself at their main stores. Why not check out both stores and join their groups for great discounts and nice group gifts. you wont be sorry.

􀀁NSP Florals,Mesh Roses,Bridal Florist,Bouquetss,Jewels Isle Mal

Zuri Rayna Jewels Main Store

Style Card

NSP Josephine Halter Dress (S)
NSP Josephine Halter Dress tie (Add only)
NSP Josephine Halter…

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