A open – letter from our Mimmi Boa … we miss you dear

Note on behalf of Mimmi Boa
” After more then 6 years of dedication I chose to reduce my time in Second Life.
This reduction is actually very drastic  and at the moment i don’t know when i’ll return.
I guess I have nothing more to prove: I spent these years working on trying to fulfill the “little virtual wishes ” of many aspiring models but first of all i’ve tried to  help them to find their (real) self confidence.
I decided to close my Academy because  i don’t have time anymore  to follow  my models;
My real  life is  more busy than usual and  i couldn’t  spend hours and hours in front of my pc.I don’t have time and energy enough and to follow this job means  to be close to the people and follow them with  100% dedication. for this reason and because i want to  keep the good name of the Academy in your memories i prefer to close for now.
Despite some “rumours” i am good, i have tons of things to do, i have fun, i am loved  and   i feel  good!
In these years I did my best to be  available for all my “pets” and i’ve never hidden who I am in real life because i am proud of myself and i don’t need to hide the real Isabella back the avatar of Mimmi.
In return I received an immeasurable love and i will be grateful to all of you forever.
I would like to say something to you my  lil pets one by one, finding the right words for each one of you  but is almost impossible  because the  list of my models, friends,  followers is gonna be  really long.
Let me say that i  love you all and i thank you all from the deeper of my heart for the incredible love and  affection i received in these years.
Thank you to trust in me, thank you to  put your ( virtual) hopes  in my hands, thank you for this incredible experience of life.
Second Life  should be the place  to spend time with fun, knowing people from all over the world and also the place where  you can show out your creativity.
Second Life is a great way to  relief and help many people with disabilities and  i can tell you that over the years I have met many, many people with really huge problems being able to have fun and  being able to  smile again   because  this virtual community!
I learned my models to get rid of gossipps, envy people and  divas……
I am conscious some have forgotten the reason why they still exist in SL.
To those who believe they are the “top models”i strongly  recommend a bath of humility and especially  to remember who helped them to be where they are!
Second Life  was a great journey and i thank you my virtual sis, friends, designers, agencies, media ecc..ecc.. for the  incredible love  and support.
I’m gonna miss you all but  now i have other priorities.
This is not goodbye, it’s just a “see you soon”……( sooner……or later…….)
much love
Mimmi Boa “

2 responses

  1. Nicole Quar

    I adore you Mimmi , tears in my eyes, your sensibility, honesty, kindness, humility, are so true, your heart is pure as a gem and your mind is so right, I love you and you will keep always a special place in my heart.
    Take care of you Mimmi, be safe and happy, just know that many people are thinking of you…

    November 5, 2014 at 10:06 am

  2. Rusalka Callisto

    Although we did not get the chance to know each other well, I will never forget my experience at your Academy and at SoloEvane. Your wise advice and kindness reached out through the screen and touched me in the real world.

    I too left SL for a long while to get back in to touch with real life when my priorities needed to shift. It was a good and positive thing and I hope it will be for you as well. Although I will be sad for myself because I just came back to SL again with fresh enjoyment and was going to retake your classes to get back in the model groove!

    Take care of yourself, enjoy every minute you can and I hope we will see you again here and there someday. You will always be a legend both as a person and a model in SL and RL. The first true virtual supermodel!

    November 5, 2014 at 2:10 pm

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