SUGAR SKULLS SHOW : Solidea Folies, Désir, [AD], TAOX, Nailed It, Posesion

Solo solidea tete et ongle_002 bon

Dress : SoliDea Folies BalckDoll
Veil : Solidea Folies Blackdoll
Nails : Nailed It Goth set
Face Tattoo : [AD] Calavera Sugar Skull make up 4
Body Tattoo : TAOX Tattoo & Applier Flayed
Jewels : Lazuri Perles de Gloire
Hair Base : Emotions Curls

Pose Posesion Suprême 2.3 and Virgo 9

You ‘ll can find this outfit with the others of this beautiful collection on Sunday into the store .

Solo solidea body_001

Solo desir body_001

Dress & headwear : Desir Thalia Dress
Face Tattoo : TAOX tatto make up El Dia De La Muerte
Body Tattoo : TAOX tatto & applier Marked for Life
Nails : Naid it Rock set
Hair : Ison Amber
Necklace : Lazuri Classics Pearls and CPD Belle Morte Choker
Bracelet : CPD Belle Morte Choker
Ring : Swallow Skully

Posesion Samantha 6 et Aliza 9

Solo desir tete_001


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