*SoliDea FoliEs* Ode, *LpD* – *Surreal* MakeUp and Posesion!

10804959_317546015110117_1250786272_n 10815996_317642251767160_1169282146_n

Pic by Coqueta Georgia (Pics taken during the show)

Another spectacular design presented in the  Sugar Skulls Solo Evane Show. Now the designer SolideaFolies, Mila Tatham. It has the mesh of the shorts and top. But then leads attached both a head and chest and hip, which gives the volatility and magnificent etherealness that the movement gives this beauty to all parties. The outfit is called: * Solidea Folies * Ode.

Makeup also special for the occasion of Les Petits Details: * LPD * – * Surreal * MakeUp.

And the poses of Posesion by Dahriel.

Hugsss, Locuala.


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