13 days to Christmas

Today it is mainly about the Holidays Event which is running from 3 to 20 Dec at the arround the Avi Choice Awards Theatre. ” 2 sims with shops, hunts, events, celebrations, fashion shows…. ufff!!!!



* *EverGlow* – Frost poses
From *Avi Choice, The Holidays.
– Kaerri. Xmas 2014 Living Room Rug, Xmas Lamp 2014 White & Black, Snowflake Frames, Xmas 2014 Tree Light Picture, Xmas Topiary – Large, Xmas Candy Tray, Kaerri Xmas 2014 Couch and coffee table, Black Xmas 2014 Curtain. (Kaerri at the Holidays, Kaerri Mainshop)
– Zibska ~ Maeja Top [no transfer] Nice (Naughty & Nice gift) Debajo del árbol. (Zibska at the Holidays, Zibska Mainshop)
– [LeeZu!] Nice Microskirt <mesh,rigged,resize> (Naughty & Nice gift) Cajita de regalo en un estante en la tienda. (Leezu at the Holidays, Leezu Mainshop)

From Poe7:
– zapatos:<P3>Holly Berry Heels Duet – Peace on Earth Blue
POE7 Peace On Earth POSTER IMG


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