A whole lot of Ghee


Dear Readers,

I’ve been looking forward to doing this blog because it’s almost solely about Ghee items.

In this blog I’m wearing a dress and secretary glasses that were released at Saviad. The shoes, handbag and nails are part of the new Spring/Summer Collection by Ghee. The nails have 10 different colors. If you like soft tones, then you will absolute love this collection. In my upcoming blogs more Ghee items so stay tuned!

I’m also wearing a brand new make up by Ever ‘An Angel. EEA is known for their subtle make ups and this new line called Horizon is nothing different. Perfect cosmetics for the season we are in.



*Hair: enVOGUE – Nicole
*Make up: Ever ‘an Angel – Horizon
Necklace: MG – Electra Unicorn Horn 
*Dress: Ghee – Spring Peony
*Shoes: Ghee – Heels Ankle Fringe Shell
*Handbag: Ghee – Suede wrap bag Pure 
*Nail polish: Ghee – Summertime 

Happy Shopping


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