Nya's Tangerine1 Nya's Tangerine2
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Dress by *Nya’s* Pencil Dress Pattern / Tangerine
Shoes by *Nya’s* Pointy Shoes Pattern / Tangerine
Clutch by *Nya’s* Silk Purse / Tangerine


Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Dress by Asteria Creations ~ Camelia Belted Vest / White

StrapShorts&Hat by Asteria Creations ~ Dangerous Girl / Black


h.m.a.e.m dada1D h.m.a.e.m dadaHSD
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Styling Card
Hair by Boudoire ~ Irena
Eyeshadow by La Malvada Mujer ~ The Way of Shadows #4
LipGloss by blackLiquid MakeUp ~ Black Gloss
Necklace by MOLICHINO ~ Diana
Cuffs by MOLICHINO ~ Quilted Cuff / Gold
Top&Shorts by h.m.a.e.m. ~ Dada / Black

A whole lot of Ghee


Dear Readers,

I’ve been looking forward to doing this blog because it’s almost solely about Ghee items.

In this blog I’m wearing a dress and secretary glasses that were released at Saviad. The shoes, handbag and nails are part of the new Spring/Summer Collection by Ghee. The nails have 10 different colors. If you like soft tones, then you will absolute love this collection. In my upcoming blogs more Ghee items so stay tuned!

I’m also wearing a brand new make up by Ever ‘An Angel. EEA is known for their subtle make ups and this new line called Horizon is nothing different. Perfect cosmetics for the season we are in.



*Hair: enVOGUE – Nicole
*Make up: Ever ‘an Angel – Horizon
Necklace: MG – Electra Unicorn Horn 
*Dress: Ghee – Spring Peony
*Shoes: Ghee – Heels Ankle Fringe Shell
*Handbag: Ghee – Suede wrap bag Pure 
*Nail polish: Ghee – Summertime 

Happy Shopping <3

De Perle

De Perl1P
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Styling Card

Hair: [taketomi] Nobu / Platinum
Eyeshadow: [White ~ Widow] Reglisse / Turq-Purp
LipGloss: TOPAZIA ~ Liquid Collection / White
Dress&Collar: [LIZ] De Perle HalterNeck / Pearl


Models: Eva&Ellendir
Photographer: Ellendir Khandr

On Eva (Left)
Hair: Magika ~ Stubborn
Eyeshadow: Deesses Skins ~ Fever #9
Lipstick: Pink Acid ~ Sunshine / Hot Pink
Bangles: MG NeonChuChu
Top&Skirt: !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! ~ Lolita ~ Exclusive FFC2015

On Ellendir (Right)
Outfit: Zibska ~ Chailai with Chailai ~ Headpiece in Noir ~ Exclusive FFC2015
More info Here


Giulia audrey2500 Giulia Audrey HS2500
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Stying Card
Hair: [enVOGUE] Nicole / Light Blonde
Eyeshadow: NOX Shock Shadow / Fire
Lipstick: Topazia Liquid Collection / White
Earring&Bracelet: Lazuri MVW 2014 Eva Luxury Set
Hair Flowers&Gown: **GIULIADESIGN** Audrey for FFC2015

Eva & Ellendir for Fashion For Change

lybra fashiofc1sc
Models: Ellendir & Eva
Photographer: Ellendir

On Eva
Hair: Little Bones Temptation / Blondes
Eyeshadow: MONS Cute / Green
Lipstick: Deesses Skins Amanda / Coral
Earrings&Necklace: Lazuri Marzia
Gown: !:Lybra:! Nyala / Gold FFC 2015

on Ellendir
more info here


Ghee fandango Ghee fandangoHS Ghee tullulahM Ghee tullulahHSM

Fashion For Change Logo
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Styling Card Pic 1-2

Head Wrap & Jumpsuit: Ghee Tropicana / Fandango for FFC 2015
HeadBand,UpperBracelet,Bangles: E-clipse Gitana
Eyeshadow: Nuuna Ura / Aqua
Lipstick: Deesses Skins Amanda / Seductive
Earrings: [MANDALA] Yakushi / Brown

Styling Card Pic 3-4

Hair: HOMAGE Poison / Jessica
Eyeshadow: {MUA} Water for FFC 2015
Lipstick: Deesses Skins Amanda / Gold Orange
Pants,Top&Jewelry: KL Couture Tallulah for FFC 2015


TsarineContr1 Tsarine02
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Styling Card
Hair: [Taketomi] Godou / Platinum 02
hairbase: DeeTaleZ shaved Flowery / Blonde
Eyeshadow: Nuuna – Mya / Yellow
Earrings&Necklace: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Season2
Dress: TOPAZIA Tsarine Gown Fitted Mesh / Sweet Lavender (available in 18 different colors)

St. Patrick’s Day

Eva S, Patrizio
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Bless Your Little
Irish Heart
And Every Other
Irish Part …

Model: Eva Muse
Photographer: Ellen Caraccio
And a Special Thanks for Shamrocks Jewelry to Shine Messmer *GLITTER*


Spellbound SpellHS
Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Styling Card

Hair:[Runaway] kelly Hair / Blondes
Eyeshadow: -UtopiaH- My Haunted Eyeshadow / Raven
Tattoo: AUDRAN Unisex Face Tattoo #minimal
BodySuit: Beusy – Black&White Fluor Suit Set / Black
Jacket: Asteria Cretaions Lola Mesh Jacket / Black
Pants: Asteria Creations Lola Mesh Pants / Black
Shoes: Glamistry – ASTER Heels / Black
Nails : Sorcery – Glossy / Black


Model&Photographer: Eva Muse

Styling Card

Hair:[elikatira] Looking / Red 01
MakeUP: Nuuna Mya / Aqua ( SkinFair 2015 )
Dress: *GLITTER* Slim Mermaid Gown / Teal ( Available in 5 Colors ) Coming Soon

What’s black is not white

BOSL2Dear Readers,

In today’s blog I’m wearing a new release by Poet’s Heart called “Morrigan”.

Even though this gown comes in an amazing 14 colors, I’ve chosen to wear black today. Owner of Poet’s Hearts creates her own mesh so you wont be able to find this design elsewhere on the grid.

I’m also wearing a preview skin by WoW called Ilenia that you will be able to buy as of March 13th at the Skin Fair in 5 different skin tones.


The Look

*Skin: WoW Skins – Ilenia Bronze 05 C
Lipstick: Pink Fuel – INK lipgloss
Headpiece: Miamai – Regina Black
Necklace: Eclectica – Gothic Pearls
*Gown: Poet’s Heart – Morrigan Darkness

Happy Shopping <3

A Cat’s Eyes…

Model&Photographer: ch4ntal (Eva Muse)

“A cat’s eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world.”
Irish Legend


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