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SoloEvane has already presented its first show of the amazing


Like in an symphony there are different movements to it, the first one is

OUVERTURE it happened on September 26th and it was a great success.

Here I show you the dresses assigned to me for the occasion:

The first one is the EDEN dress from EVOLVE by Reign Congrejo, a celebration of bountiful life in all season, with Night clutch in yellow and Oubliette set in green both by CHOP ZUEY.

The second dress is Waiting Metal from AD by Aliza Karu, a futuristic outfit that makes me feel ready for intergalactic discoveries,  this dress includes a matching head jewel, with Feu Follet clutch and Paparazzi II earrings both by CHOP ZUEY.

The third and final outfit is  Follow blue  by CHAMPAGNE a sequin miniskirt, a real elegant headturner, with its infinitely low cut back…… I added the Starla clutch in white by CHOP ZUEY.

The jewels and clutches are by CHOP ZUEY, poses by Wicca Merlin, nails by Nailed it, I added skins by BLUSH Skins, hair by Boon and Paper couture, some jewels from Donna Flora as well, shoes by Innuendo, Baiastice, boots by Elysium.

The last outfit i am showing you today is my creation for the DONNA FLORA tribute walk that we had at the end of the show, a fun outfit from the Tippy and Raffaella outfits mixed together.  All the accessories are from DONNA FLORA, the skin is from BLUSH Skins, the hair by Vanity hair.

Enjoy and remember that ALLEGRETTO, our second show, will be on October 4th at 4pm slt, while ANDANTE CON BRIO, our third show, will be on October 11th at 6pm slt, prepare yourself for more surprises.

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S from Summer, and A from AD.


This is time for the Summer Fashion Fair that is held by Aris Aris in their sim. From 30 May until 16 June, more better shops, if that’s possible, have got their little stands there.


You know the feeling when you can’t choose, because you want them all? Exactly how I feel about Aliza Karu’s creations. Then when she kindly gifts me I come to another dilemma: which one should I blog? So I tried to mix and match 🙂

Thank you Aliza ❤ 🙂

AD Creations_001

Gown and bra- Roses in white by AD Creations
Flowers and flexi skirt – Labile papavero by AD Creations

Hair – MDR138 by booN
Shoulder part – Paper Fashion Collar by .S h i
Elegant 1 Mesh Hands by SLink

AD CREATIONS for Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week by Solo Evane - AD CREATIONS

Join us today, April 12th, 2013 AT 1PM SLT for a showcase of designs by Aliza Karu of AD Creations. This show features 5 exclusive designs made especially for this show. All of these incredible outfits can be seen and purchased at the event, including free demos. Take a ride to the BOA CENTER and come see designs from the incredibly inventive mind of ALiza Karu. MILAN FASHION WEEK by SOLO EVANE MODEL AGENCY

Caught a Spider – at The Milan Fashion Week


 As you all know, a great event is coming to Second Life, the Milan Fashion Week sponsored by Solo Evane Agency. It begins on the 10th of April and throughout that week you will see the latest amazing items from some of Second Life’s best designers, some of which have created exclusives only for this event.

For my first post on this event I picked one of Aliza Karu’s designs, and as you can see Miss Karu won’t leave the avant garde fans disappointed (please note that the spider web’s are NOT part of the dress tho 😉 )



Outfit – Rho by AD Creations ❤

Hair – Adorable updo by Tuty
Gloves – Zarema in jet by LaGyo
Make Up – Vintage Liner by Miamai, Cinema Muto #2 Lips by La Malvada Mujer
Eyelashes – Ademonia by Glow Studio
Tip Toe Bare Feet by GA