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Sneak Peek at Bravura and Flow

Short on Camo?  Look no further.  The new jacket released from Bravura and the newest release from Flow (available at Sneak Peek for a limited time) are a perfect match for each other.

Bravura and Sneak Peek_001

Pants – FlowSneak Peek Exclusive

Jacket – Bravura – Spring Jacket – Camo

Pose – Posesion – Marta Set

Posesion Logo

penumbra-sneak-peek-logoBRAVURA! Homme Sign 512x512

Sugar Skulls Show : Solidea Folies – PurpleDoll

PurpleDoll2 PurpleDoll3
Model&Photographer: ch4ntal (Eva Muse)
Outfit: Solidea Folies – Purple Doll
MakeUp: [AD] Creations – Calavera Sugar Skull makeUp 2
Nails: Nailed It – Cracked Set
Pose: Posesion – Artemisa 5

My Poe’s Post #4





*From POE:
[LG] K Collection Busy (for me) Coat DressSP – POE6 #116
Lindy Meshell POE. – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes – POE6 #006
Xen’s Hats Alva Headband (Mesh)- Xen’s Hats – POE6 #166
Poses: *PosESioN* POE6 #131
Poses: Wicca’s Wardrobe – POE6 #044

Clawtooth: Temptation prize 5 (The Arcade)
IKON Spectral Eyes – Hazel. IKON Spectral Eyes @ FaMESHed
.::WoW Skins::. Melita Milk nat CL

Look of the day …. FATEwear, Dot-Be fashion, FBD, Gizza, Shi, Posesion

Today i decided to talk a walk. After the special day yesterday, it was time to relax and time to think about some stuff.

I never knew that gatcha event was so big in secondlife. They have an entire store full of gatcha machines with all kinds of stuff. Shi released these great mesh gloves with a hud. Oh yes these are mesh hands integrated with gloves and ofcourse like all mesh hands they come with a hud to perfectly match the skin. You can not only change the skin also the nails and the gloves texture.

The pants from Dot-Be fashion are so nice in detail and the goldish colour fitted perfect with the new gold shoes from FDB. Add the groupsgift from FATEwear and the great mesh bag from Gizza and you are ready to go. Do i need to say more? ….




Shirt : FATEwear Jacket – Leon free gift 

Short : Dot-be Cargo special gold 


Backpack : GizzA – Men’s Backpack [Moss] 

Gloves : .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male] SET 3 

Pose :Posesion – Editorial 7

Picture place

Look of the day …. Gizza, Chop Zuey, Moondance Boutique, Salon de Glow, Posesion

Although the summer is almost gone, in secondlife it feels like an endless summer. Gizza is known for the great mesh they create and this is not different. The shirt, pants and shoes are all available in different colours and sold separete so you can easy mix and match them. The good thing is that the shirt is created to match the pants.

The jewels im wearing are the latest gift from Chop Zuey. We all know that Belle Rousel creates not only for woman but also for men and like you all can see this is just perfect to wear. My nails are the new creation of Moondance Boutique.



Shirt : GizzA – Long Sleeve Shirt [Turquoise] 

Pants : Gizza  Cotton Pants [White]

Loafers : GizzA – Loafer Shoes [TurquoiseOcean]

jewels : Chop Zuey : Pinwheel mens ring, earring and necklace

nails : Moondance Boutique – Biker Diamond 3D 

hair : Salon de GLOW -Sugar – (Jet Black) 

Picture place

pose : posesion cool boy 10 


Look of the day …. Chronokit, Dot-Be, Posesion, Phoebe piercing and more, Corvus

Chronokit is known for there excellent mesh and this new pants that is unisex with suspenders is just perfect for a casual occasion. The new mesh shirts from dot-be are just released and with different textures and one of them is with a textart of Einstein.

Phoebe piercing and more brings some new mesh earrings and mesh rings.






Pose : Posesion – the man 6

Pants : *chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants black

Shirt : Dot-be – einstein shirt


Make up : Corvus : Beaten Up Face Tattoo

Earrings : Phoebe Piercing and more – *P* Izar Earrings ~Fat Pack~ (P.MESH)

Ring : Phoebe Piercing and more – *P* Izar MESH Rings ~Fat Pack~ 1


Picture place 

Look of the day … Posesion, AFI Designs, Raw House

If you are looking for a tuxedo for your date, don’t look any further.



Pose : Posesion – Sexy male jacket 3

Outfit : AFI Designs Hollywood Tux 

Hair : Raw House – wolf black 

Look of the day … Motivaction, Posesion

The new gentleman outfit from motivaction is very complete. Cap, vest with shirt that is controlable with hud and dress pants. Want to look like a gentleman? This outfit is what you are looking for.


Outfit : Motivaction :  Gentleman Outfit (cap, shirt with vest + dresspants)

Pose : Posesion : summer boy 1 

Look of the day … Yasum, Redgrave, Motivaction, Exile, posesion

One day in your life … Said love would remind you …. How could you leave it all behind
One day in your life…  it’s gonna find you … With the tears that left me cry
And baby I’m stronger then before … You gotta lay it on the line … Maybe one day in your life (more here)



The pants from Yasum are just released and i love them, not only because of the orginal mesh but also that there is a texture hud so you can change the look completly. Same goes for the studded gloves and the cap, the texture hud gives you the possibiltiy to get it to your taste.


Outfit : 

Pants – Yasum design * Yasum*MESH*Dungies*Mega Hud controled*MALE 

Shoes – Redgrave – ! Sneakers Miles – Light / REDGRAVE (RGP2310003)

gloves – Motivaction – [M] Studded gloves for men & woman 

hair – ::Exile:Broken Strings: Blacks 

cap – Motivaction – ~~[Motivaction] Gentleman Outfit flatcap 

pose – Posesion – summer boy 10

Look of the day … Legal Insanity, Posesion, Delirium Style, Jeepers

I did went for a little trip and take a look around all those great sims out there and got on these sim “Hutchinson Parish” the sims are created with such a great eye for detail that you just need to visit them. I can tell you the details of this outfit just fit the scenery.



Outfit : 

Pose : Posesion hat 1

Jacket/shirt – Delirium Style – Male leather jackets brown + shirt

Pants : Legal insanity – Jim Leather pants crocodile black

Cap : Legal insanity – Ascot Flat cap snake

Shoes : Jeepers – Connery – brown


Look of the day … sYs, Atro Patena, Posesion

Im waking up, i feel it in my bones, Enough to make my system blows, welcome to the new age … (more here)


After watching “Host” i was impressed by the story. This outfit i did wear for mens fashionweek and i decided that one of the songs for the movie was just perfect. sYs always impresses with new outfits, looks and yes it makes you special…Welcome to the new age of fashion.



Outfit :

Jacket  – [sYs] MORPHEO – jacket M (cerulean) 

Pants – [sYs] NOMADE – pants unisex (black)

Glasses – [sYs] PANTHER – sunglasses (color HUD)

Boots – [sYs] SITY ankle boots – leather black 

Pose : *PosESioN* Glam Male 9 Mirror

Hair : [Atro Patena] – Jake_Black 


This Fluffy Cloud Walks With Me

Hello, I’m finally back to blogging. 🙂 Sorry I’ve been away from it for longer than I planned. Actually my inventory got quite full during this time with awesome stuff! Let me show you 🙂

-Please click on the image to see it in full size-


Hat – Time Trap in fuschia by Finesmith
Make Up – Marta by *LpD* (for Cosmetic Fair)
Shirt – part of Amanda outfit by *LpD*
Trousers – Lula Slacks by PurpleMoon
Bag – Gezi Park 3D Handbag in blue by Gizza

Pose – Chic7 by PosESioN

Hair – Yuri3 by D!va
Elegant1 Enhancement Hands by SLink


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