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Last chance for Fashion for Life 2013

Mohna Lisa - Tatiana for FFL

A good day for the wearing of the green and the spending of it …last day for Fashion for life 2013.

Mohna Lisa - Tatiana for FFL

Enjoy this post featuring Mohna Lisa Couture and the many before it to see what you will be missing out on tomorrow if you don’t go today!
Click here FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 : Shopping SLurls for your favorites and rush over before they all get picked up.

Mohna Lisa - Tatiana for FFL
Model/ Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Tatiana Glitter Mesh Gown with Shoulder drape and earrings by Mohna Lisa exclusive to Fashion for Life 2013
Hair – booN WMO003 hair black
Nails – Painter Finesmith
Shoes – Grace Sandal – Elegance Collection by [Gos]
Poses by Isomotion and PosESioN for fashion for Life 2013

FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 : Shopping SLurls

Remembering the Magic of Katina…

09-06-26 Captured ReflectionKatina Magic Photo by Sequoia Nightfire

Yesterday, Katina Magic, a dear friend and beloved sister and SoloEvane model passed away. This was the sad news shared with me as I logged on Monday evening, by one of the dear circle of friends from my early days.

a motley crewKatina’s friends – RL Birthday – January 18, 2010 Photo courtesy of Jasmine Night

Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, also shared her parting thoughts in the Starwalkers 2010 group of this special lady. She urged us in her tribute to Kat to “go hug, kiss and tell everyone dear to you that you love them.” These are such appropriate words to honour this woman, who was most often the most loving and patient one of us during times of stress in our little group.

Kimmera's Angels“Kimmera’s Angels” Katina Magic, Kimmera Madison, & Jasmine Night Photo courtesy of Jasmine Night

At times, Kat could be hilariously irreverent, she would remind us to enjoy life and to not take ourselves so seriously. I treasure a particular moment and somewhere I have a picture of Kat sitting directly next to Frolic Mills at a big fashion show. While the rest of us were trying to be all proper with no prims out of place and of course doing our best to be dressed to impress, Katina was bald wearing a hideous skin with the word DEMO! emblazoned upon it! I could hardly contain my laughter as I waited for Frolic’s reaction.

Katina gift for creating laughter I believe came from her being caregiver in RL, at least it seemed very apparent to me, as she took a very active role as committee member for Relay for Life in SL.

2011 SLRFL Opening CeremoniesKatina Magic at SLRFL Opening Ceremonies 2011

Katina had a big role in the production team of Fanastacia Weddings which would move to BOSL to become Boulevard Weddings. It was sometime before that time of transition I first met Katina. I was asked to help cast a production and do the backstage direction of a Wedding Show to be held at Best of Second Life sim. This show was to also be the 1st anniversary renewal vows of Miss Virtual World 2009, Mimmi Boa and Mister Virtual World 2008, Salvo Waydelich. This show brought the CEO’s of the top agencies in SL to come model together all for one fabulous bridal show. The show was a smashing success and this production team would stay together and eventually assume management of Opium Fashion Agency.

Opium -  Mea Culpa... The BeginningWicca Merlin & Katina Magic Photo courtesy of Wicca Merlin

Kat brought some valuable experience when she attended my model classes and was a star pupil at Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy, becoming a top model staring in many shows, including for edo Tone, Evane Model Agency and Opium Model Agency, where she would become COO. Katina would later found the company Night Magic Productions with her sister, Jasmine Night and Marcus Night.

Tres BeauMarcus Night, Jasmine Night & Katina Magic Photo courtesy of Jasmine Night

Katina was a bit of a pioneer being proud of her African-American heritage and presenting herself in an avatar that was as much as possible representative of that. Today many designers and the Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition celebrate and promote more ethnic diversity in SL. Back in 2008 when Katina came to SL, there was very little of such wonderful ethnic skins and clothes as we have now, which are celebrated in the fashion community.

Katina Magic Photo by Michela Benazzi

Many of you perhaps will never have heard of Katina Magic, she was not very active over the last two years, but know that she will be remembered for what she did by those whose lives she touched. Take your final curtain sweetie you were loved.

Sequoia Nightfire
CEO SoloEvane Model Agency & Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy