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Round and round carousel
He’s got you under its spell
Moving so fast going no where…
~Norah Jones~

Styling Details:
– Gown: Blake – Achromatism by .::Dead Dollz::. – Spring Summer 2014 Collection
– Earring & Bracelet: Rita silver by FINESMITH
– Hairstyle: Alicia by /Wasabi Pills/

Location: Bauhaus Movement

Something New…. from PixelFashion


It is along time i met Amandine, and i am proud of having her name in my friends’ list as one of the most amazing designers into SL. It doesn’t matter at all when her items appeared into SL, they look still new. Sometimes i wear one of her first pair of shoes and people stil ask me where are they from. But it was a long time she didn’t bring a new item into SL, that’s why i felt as receiving my first Christmas gift when she told me there was something new from PixelFashion. I do happily announce the lastest PixelFashion products are available in marketplace and shop and NOW 50%, until today. (sorry cause i am so slow writting new posts).


A little bit of everything


These days in SL ara a crazyness. And much more if you have to mix all the things that are required in SL with this special holidays period in RL, which arrives so soon. Hunts, gifts, events, the most wonderful period in SL for me starts with Thanksgiving and ends when 3 Wise Men have given their presents.  Almost two months of lots, and lots, and lots of packages to open gifts to do or receive, places to discover, evens to attend…. And, as a friend told me yesterday, everyone is good now. He said he had listen 3 people saying the same that day, “I am good girl”. I am not sure if it was for Xmas or cause the places he likes to visit. You know. Anyway, this post is made with a misture of things, a little bit of everything, and all of them are good.

My POE6’s Post #3


I am sorry, but i am lazy for more than writing credits. I hope you all hunters are enjoying with POE as i do.

Ready for Christmas Eve…


I have this dress since several years ago, just when it was launched. I think it the perfect dress to this seasons parties, (with a warm overall). It is a mesh dress that fits as a glove… And you can be sure there is not a single tirck of edition to improve its brightness. Its texture is just as simply wonderful as you can see.



Vestido:*PIDRIA BONETTO FACTORY* – GRETA. vestido, guantes y collar.
Peinado: /Wasabi Pills/ Kelly Mesh Hair – Reds Pack
Manicura: Nailed-it
Skin: WoW
Poses: + Avicci + Dalila (marketplace)

Look of the day … faboo, chop Zuey, Wasabi pills, wild motley, Mpp

Are u ready for the beach? I did remember the days when i use to go out and the dance to the this track

Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Original Video 1997)


Outfit :

Short : Faboo –  hippie bikini brief 

Jewelry : Chop zuey – Pocahontas bracelt + necklace 

Hair : Wasabi pills orion

Beachbag : wild motley

flipflop : MPP flipflop 

Romanticism and glasses

This is one of the latest releases from Evolve for this Summer. The dress is named Romanticism, and it really looks romantic, no matter which of the different texture you chose to buy. There are 9 different patterns for this dress, including a picture from Rubens, and the colorfull of the Sixtine Chappel.

Without words.


All you already know that last week we had Milan Fashion Week, and this AD’s dress was introduced to SL in it. I had already blogged about other AD dressed and the day of the AD’s show there were several other post about AD including this dress. I thought, maybe it would have too much for just one day, so I decided it would be better waiting a little bit. Today, I bring again AD to your screens, with the idea taht “Never” will remind us this amazing designer, enjoy her recent creations and yearn for her new ones.

AD Helpless in Milan Fashion Week.


It is not easy to blog about this dress after that amazing picture Locuala has brought today for us. But the dress really deserves it, so finally i decided to blog about it anyway, and that way you will be able to see more of this astonishing dress, and its surprising back. Just a piece of advice if i am allowed. Don’t forget wearing nice panties!!! And don’t forget either the show at 1 pm where it is going to be presented to SL, together with the other dresses of this sweet and great designer.